OCS R2 Tip of the day #4 : Audio Dial-In Conferencing (Part 2)

The TotD are obviously working as I am getting a phenomenal response of: “I didn’t know it did that..!” but more importantly, discussions about what is not quite right to feedback to the PG. Any thoughts, queries concerns then please chuck them over –

One discussion Steve Green, Tina Shepherd and I had yesterday, is what happens when you are not using Communicator and want to use x3000 to activate the Audio conf call as a leader..? It’s not simple, with ~40 digits required to start a conf call..! This tip is courtesy of Steve and Tina.

How to start an OCS R2 Audio Conference call (as a Leader) without Communicator

Create an Outlook Contact Card and then when it sync’s down to your phone add a speed dial. When you then need to join an OCS Conf call using your Mobile just hit your speed dial and then you’re in. Smart.

Open the Contact Card and change the business number to this:

+44118909xxxx x ppYourConferenceID#p44118909ExtensionpYourConferencePinCode#

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This has been working its way round the ‘Twittersphere’ so I thought I would post it on my blog too.

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