OCS R2 Tip of the day #2 : Communicator Voice Settings

Q+A from TotD #1

Q1) Does Desktop Sharing work with customers \ externally..?

A1) Yes this works across OCS Federation (R2 only) and when you are sat in Costa Coffee without a VPN to Corp

Communicator Voice Settings

One thing you will notice is that there is a bunch of new Voice features added to the R2 Communicator Client – I’m not going to go through all the features and functionality in this Tip specifically, but this is something you can do, play with and get passionate about.

Click where you see the red arrow, below:


You will then see the following – Please have a play with:

· Team Call Groups

· Configure calls to go straight to VM, regardless of presence

· Delegates – (This will be covered in more detail in a later Tip of the Day on the Attendant Console)


Why use this:

1) When you are on holiday and want someone else to take your calls

2) When you are on holiday and want calls to go straight to your Exchange VM

3) Your WFH and want your calls routed to your BT landline

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This has been working its way round the ‘Twittersphere’ so I thought I would post it on my blog too.

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