Communicator and OCS Tech Tip #6: One Voicemail

Here is a scenario \ configuration example that you could use to have one voicemail

1) Have Communicator configured to simultaneous ring your mobile.

2) Configure your Orange Network settings to divert on: not answered, unavailable etc, to your office extension # (e.g. +4411189123456)

Quick dialling into Exchange VoiceMail

1) In Outlook contacts create a contact called Exchange Voicemail (you can set to speed dial too if you want) 

The number would be in this format: +4411189123456 p[Four digit Ext number]p[Exchange VM Pin number]#

For me, the # string would look like this: +4411891234456 p1234p12341234#

Note: A little p means pause (give Exchange chance to authenticate)             

To get your voicemails, you can call this contact from your mobile, it will connect to Exchange UM and log you in. From a management perspective, it will still log you in and when the Exchange UM pin expires it will prompt you to change.  You would then have to manually update your Exchange Voicemail contact and bingo away you go again.


· Single voice mailbox to manage

· Voicemail alerts come through via Exchange (An Email rather than a VM icon)


· PIN code change frequency

· When roaming, you don’t get the notification as quickly as on say Orange – in UK notification as email arrives as quickly as sync schedule

As the bloke from Big Brother would say: “You decide”

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