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Not my normal post, but something of interest

Check out the new UC Flash Demo, now  live on Microsoft.com/uc.   Targeted to the TDM, the demo brings the UC Pillars to life with “day in the life” scenarios, screen shots that highlight the products/services and workflows, as well as simple graphics that explain abstract concepts.

· Streamlined Communications – employees at manufacturing company use UC to solve problem related to its supply chain.  They quickly make decisions across internal teams & external partners.  Showcases presence, UM, VoIP call management & conferencing, mobility and federation.  

· Operational Efficiency – IT admin uses common management tools & diagnostic tools to identify & resolve problems before they happen.  He then quickly & easily sets up new employees in remote office on all modes of communication using wizards & power shell scripts.

· Built in Protection – IT Director learns of spam outbreak, and sees that there’s been no negative impact thanks to EHS. A bank responds quickly to legal email compliance request.  Ensures safeguards are in place to set up ethical wall and retention rules for key departments.  

· Future Ready Foundation – marketing manager does monthly budgeting cycle using SAP/Duet, integrated with Outlook.  Even though some team members are traveling, they’re able to compete budgets on time, thanks to presence, IM and web conferencing.   

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