Installing a MNS Ex2007 CCR Cluster

Happy New Year to you all - I have just configured another CCR cluster in my environment and wanted to highlight:

1) How easy it is

2) Point you to the correct documentation in the correct order.

Just to set the scene, I have four machines, one is my DC/GC, one is running Exchange 2007 Hub Transport (HT) and Client Access (CAS) the other two are indentical Windows 2003 R2 Member Servers (MS). The two MS's were patched from Windows Update and had just the basic WWW service installed.

Here's the order:

1) Install the post Windows SP1 Hotfix for the MNS feature

2) Create the Windows Cluster

3) Configure the FSW

4) Install Exchange MBX Role

For a complete list of all actions go here

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