Planning (or at least thinking) for Exchange 2007 Hardware..?

So my recent theme has been on the common questions that I am getting asked when talking to customers about Ex2007. I remember when we shipped Ex2000 and Ex2003 and the help and guidance that went with that. Sure, there was some, but I can sense the smirky smiles when (dare I say) it wasn't quite as complete as it could have been 🙂

Taking my Microsoft hat off, I can honestly say that the Help File that is shipping, and already available is quite simply brilliant. I am member of copious amounts of internal distribution lists and can quite honestly say that the majority of the internal "How To", configuration and general "Can it do this..?" questions are being answered by the referal of external URL's..! A good testiment to the effort that has gone into writing it - and available to all - how it should be.

Anyway enough of the rambling.

First place to get information on hardware is from the Exchange Team Blog and have hunt for the Blogs written by Robert Quimbey (there are more in the pipeline)

Next, go to the On-Line Help and check Proc and Memory then Disk Storage you'll be on the right road at this point. There's probably loads I have missed. Note to self: Update.

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