Forefront Security for Exchange 2007

ForeFront Security for Exchange:

Forefront Security for Exchange protects organizations against the latest threats by managing multiple antivirus scan engines at multiple layers throughout the e-mail infrastructure. This approach allows Forefront for Exchange to minimize the average window of exposure for emerging e-mail threats by providing continual signature updates from multiple antivirus labs around the world. Forefront also protects by scanning at multiple layers in the Exchange 2007 infrastructure, including the Edge, Hub Transport, and Mailbox server roles, while using scanning intelligence to avoid needless repeat scanning.
The Forefront Security for Exchange beta now includes support for SCC (Single Copy Cluster) multi-node active/passive Exchange clusters. It also includes support for 32-bit installations for evaluation with the Exchange 2007 32-bit beta. While not supported in production, the 32-bit environment provides full product functionality for evaluation purposes.

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