Testing with the Ex2007 Default ReceiveConnector

While testing with Ex2007 you may want to fire mail at it either through Telnet or another source to simulate mailflow.

By default when you install Exchange 2007 you will see two default connectors configured on the Hub Transport role:

Default <Name>

Client <Name>

To find out exactly what is configured on these connectors you can do the following through Monad:


This will give you a list of all connectors configured in the Org and also the bindings associated with the connectors, so for example the Default <Name> connector is listening on port 25 {}

If you were to attempt to send a mail through Telnet, out of the box you would get an error saying the client can't authenticate.

To work around this whilst testing, you may want to consider allowing anonymous - remember in the live environment you would not do this.

Anyhow, for testing this what you can do:

Get-receiveConnector -identity <name> |fl

This will "format-list" the attributes of the connector into the shell.

To allow Telnet connections type the following:

Set-receiveConnector -identity <name> -PermissionGroups AnonymousUsers

Away you go.....

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Brett, I have been having heart ache trying to work out to send emai to my test server. Check…

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