Completely off the Exchange topic today, as I wanted to highlight a little application that I have been using for a while now which is quite simply brill.

I am finding myself rebulding my Toshiba M5 fairly frequently now with later builds of Vista. I needed a way of sharing data between my machines which is lighter in features than Groove but also serves as a similar purpose.

If you haven't already give a go, it's free.

If your a MSN Messenger user, then you may well have used an iteration of the same technology in Sharing Folders.

I have configured Foldeshare so it replicates My Favourties between all four of my machines so no matter where I am, home or at work' I get the same Favourties no matter where I am.

But even better than that it can replicate any folders, such as My Documents or others you choose between your own machines, or even other peoples.

Try it and you'll love it.

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