new book!

I’m proud to announce that the latest edition of the Mastering Configuration Manager series of books is now released.  You can purchase the kindle version now or the paperback version later this month.  It takes a considerable amount of effort to co-author a book and I’m really glad to have worked on this book with my…


Query for user affinity

I had a customer ask for a query that would show which users were primary on clients based on user device affinity data.  There are a few views that are related to UDA data ( and you can join these on a few different columns, depending on the view. The v_UserMachineRelationship view shows users and…


Configuration Manager version numbers

Every time I do a CM Risk Assessment (RaaS) for a customer I have to remember the various versions of CM clients that are out there.  Here is a compiled list so I’ll know where to find it (and maybe you will too!) 🙂 CM 2012 RTM – 5.00.7711.0000 CM 2012 CU1 – 5.00.7711.0200 CM 2012 CU2 -…


"This operation can not be completed at this time" during add MS Intune subcription to CM

You are attempting to add a Microsoft Intune subscription to your ConfigMgr site and the "This operation can not be completed at this time" message appears.  Fun.  Maybe if you try it later it will work?  Probably not.   This typically means that the Intune tenant you are attempting to associate with CM (and thereby…


Can I migrate a CM 2012 site to a CM Current Branch site?

Is it possible to use the Configuration Manager migration feature to migrate objects from a Configuration Manager 2012 site to a Configuration Manager Current Branch site?  In the past, the migration feature of CM has required that (unless you were migrating from CM 2007) that the source and target be the same version of CM 2012.  Reference here  "Beginning…


Does ConfigMgr 2012 support SQL 2014?

Before, as an upgrade only.  Now we support using SQL 2014 at install time – good news if you have been waiting for this change in support.  More info here:


it's like finding an app in an app store haystack

If you are reading this, it's possible, even likely, that you are diving into the awesomeness that is Microsoft Intune.  Maybe you are using it standalone or maybe you are in full blown UDM heaven and manage everything with the magic of ConfigMgr 2012 + Intune.  Sweet. Say that you've been asked to publish a couple apps…


a prompt status message query

I deliver our Configuration Manager RAP as a Service offering many times for our Microsoft Premier customers.  The risk assessment looks at a great deal of data, including the frequency of when warning and error status messages are being submitted by clients or site servers.  For example, “Site server not successful installing some clients via…


Inventory mapped drives in ConfigMgr 2012

The ability to inventory mapped network drives was a common customer ask in ConfigMgr 2007 and SCCM Expert and some other folks provided free scripts and MOF edits to take care of this.  But can this be done in ConfigMgr 2012?  Mapped network drives and printers are a per-user setting so you need to run…