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99% of the content I post here is about Configuration Manager, Intune, Microsoft in general.  This post will be different. A month or so ago I purchased the Raspberry Pi 2 Ver B package that included Windows 10 IoT and some hardware to play with.  I loaded the Win10 OS, played with a few of…

CM2012 R2 CU2 is out

CU2 went live today and as with all CU's only install if you are experiencing the issues that it addresses.  If not, wait for the next service pack.

What does this package status number mean?

I was working on a pull DP issue (the dreaded invalid package status log entry) and needed a list of the possible package status values.  Here you go: 0 PKG_STATUS_NONE  1 PKG_STATUS_SENT  2 PKG_STATUS_RECEIVED  3 PKG_STATUS_INSTALLED  4 PKG_STATUS_RETRY  5 PKG_STATUS_FAILED  6 PKG_STATUS_REMOVED  7 PKG_STATUS_PENDING_REMOVE -possibly not used 8 PKG_STATUS_REMOVE_FAILED  9 PKG_STATUS_RETRY_REMOVE 

what do i install on my CM2012 R2 site?

Seems to be some confusion among folks on which SP2/R2SP1 download you should run on your CM2012 R2 site.  Here is the important part from the notes:  If you have a System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager installation, you can use the System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP2 media to install the latest patches and automatically…

CM2012 R2 SP1 and CM2012 SP2 are out!

Test! Install! Deploy!

Does ConfigMgr 2012 support SQL 2014?

Before, as an upgrade only.  Now we support using SQL 2014 at install time – good news if you have been waiting for this change in support.  More info here:

it's like finding an app in an app store haystack

If you are reading this, it's possible, even likely, that you are diving into the awesomeness that is Microsoft Intune.  Maybe you are using it standalone or maybe you are in full blown UDM heaven and manage everything with the magic of ConfigMgr 2012 + Intune.  Sweet. Say that you've been asked to publish a couple apps…

a prompt status message query

I deliver our Configuration Manager RAP as a Service offering many times for our Microsoft Premier customers.  The risk assessment looks at a great deal of data, including the frequency of when warning and error status messages are being submitted by clients or site servers.  For example, “Site server not successful installing some clients via…

What is the latest version of the system center endpoint protection definition file?

Need to make sure your auto deployment rules are getting the latest definition files to your clients?  This link can be tricky to find but here you go, it shows the latest version:  You can also get the RSS feed here: