MMS 2014 and beyond?

It would appear not.  Rod Trent blogged about it, Mary Jo Foley and Paul Thurott talked about it this week as well.  I have had the good fortune to speak at the past several MMS conferences and before that served as a member of staff.  It was a great conference, with great people, and I…


Somehow managed to delete all of my comments on my blog.  Whoops!  Hopefully I’ll get some new ones to publish.


Content Routing in CM2012

Here is some additional information on how the content routing function works in ConfigMgr 2012. If you use this feature make sure you document the routes that have been added/deleted.  Assume there is a CM2012 SP1 primary site (BLB) with two CM2012 SP1 secondary sites (SE1 and SE2).  By default CM creates file replication routes…

Inventory mapped drives in ConfigMgr 2012

The ability to inventory mapped network drives was a common customer ask in ConfigMgr 2007 and SCCM Expert and some other folks provided free scripts and MOF edits to take care of this.  But can this be done in ConfigMgr 2012?  Mapped network drives and printers are a per-user setting so you need to run…


When does Windows 8.1 and System Center 2012 R2 release?

October 18!   Now you can get your upgrades and migrations done before the holiday season, not during!  

An update to MS13-052

There were issues reported for this update with ConfigMgr 2007 and 2012 when this update was original released.  An update was released this week

Waiting on Dirsync

If you start testing the integration of Intune with Configuration Manager 2012 you’ll likely spend time waiting for the Dirsync process to run.  It runs every 3 hours by default which is OK for a production environment but when testing you want things to happen quickly so you can continue testing.  Here is a process…

MS13-052/KB2840628 may cause ConfigMgr issues

Don’t know that we have a formal announcement on an MS site yet, but there is some info on the possible issues here: This affects CM2007 and CM2012. If you have issues with KB2840628 open a case with Premier Support.  And this just reinforces something I preach to my customers all the time:  You need…

SQL edition for CAS – make the right choice at install!

If you have a central administration site (CAS) in your Configuration Manager 2012 hierarchy, consider using SQL Enterprise for the CAS.  If you use SQL standard, the support limit is 50,000 users and there is no supported method to change the SQL edition after the fact (other than a complete reinstall of the hierarchy!)   

how to prevent cm2012 computers from auto resolving client issues?

The ConfigMgr client has traditionally been a fairly passive component on computers.  It gets policy on a schedule, it submits inventory, evaluates baselines etc but typically doesn’t make any changes to the computer unless you tell it to.  The ConfigMgr 2012 client has a client health process that runs every night (midnight plus an offset is the…