Different R3 power management settings on different collections?

If you have defined different power management settings on different collections, and if a computer is in multiple collections that have different power management settings established, which power setting configuration will the client use?   SCCM will use the power setting that has the longest timeout.  So, basically the setting that is least impactful to the…

What happens if I don’t define SCCM site boundaries…..

This questions comes up periodically, usually when customers want to run separate SCCM hierarchies in the same network or AD environment.  There are issues with client assignment based on this scenario, but what about software distribution?  Will the client think it’s in a “fast” or “slow” boundary?  Turns out that the client will always assume it’s in a slow…

Collation in Service Manager

Service Manager doesn’t like the default collation method (SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS).  If your SCSM SQL server is running with that collation mode you will get a warning when you install SCSM.   Caution If you continue Setup using the default collation (SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS), you will not be able to support multiple languages in Service Manager. In the future, if…

Exception error during publishing updates via SCUP

Getting this error when trying to publish updates from SCUP?  “Exception occurred during publishing: Verification of file signature failed for file” You need to do this:  http://blogs.technet.com/sus/archive/2009/02/05/unable-to-publish-updates-using-scup-exception-occurred-during-publishing.aspx    

MMS 2011

We can finally mention publicly that MMS 2011 will be held March 21-25 in 2011 and will be at the Mandalay Bay.  Love the Venentian but will be a nice change of scenery for next year.  Register early cause I guarantee with the vast number of products coming out this year and next it will be…

Configuration Manager Dashboard Beta Program

It’s available on connect with RTM expected in the next couple months.  Great tool.  Raghu (the PM) gave us a demo during SCCM Rock Star last week.  What is even better is the tool can be used to display any type of SQL data, not just SCCM-related data.

SCCM Rock Star is LIVE!

On day 4 of the first delivery of the SCCM Rock Star program.  Have some work to do on demos and slide content but so far feedback seems good. 

SCCM V.Next TAP open now

Check with your TAM asap to have him/her nominate your company.  What changes in SCCM V.Next?  It’s more like what doesn’t change.