any update on when ConfigMgr R3 will be released?

still expected in second half of this year, so sometime between now and 12/31/2010.  having said that, there are some rumors it may come out sooner (aug-sep-oct) rather than later (nov-dec).  I’ll update once I have info I can share with the public.  I have spent alot of time with the R3 beta and RC…

one datawarehouse to rule them all?

Not now, but maybe some day.  ConfigMgr 2007 doesn’t have a datawarehouse, OpsMgr has one but it’s different than the one in Service Manager.  Very different.  ConfigMgr does not currently have a DW but there has been talk of having all 3 products utilize a common datawarehouse in the future. We will see.

will configuration manager 2007 or support windows phone 7?

this question will come up, especially as we get closer to getting actual phones to work with. The answer is no.  As you may know, the mobile device manager product is being merged into configuration manager  So, going forward ConfigMgr will be THE platform for managing mobile devices. But, it won’t support WP7.  It will…

sending customer surveys from service manager

In the product we don’t provide the ability to send users a survey once an incdent is closed but it is doable.  Travis has the details here:

configuring the ‘reset password’ link on the scsm portal page

unless you follow steps to configure it, users will click that button and nothing will happen (other than refresh the page).  There are a few scripts floating that will handle but one supported method is to use Forefront Integration Manager (FIM) to handle the AD password reset.  This article has the process  

7403 error and SRS is working fine?

I’ve seen this a couple times.  The full error message is “SMS SRS web service is not running on SRS Reporting point server “xxxxxxxxxx”.  However, the SRS is working fine, delivering reports, etc etc.  So why does this error still happen? This is a bug that was supposed to be fixed in ConfigMgr SP2.  I…

ConfigMgr R3 release date?

Still planned to occur before end of calendar year 2010.  The Release Candidate was released a couple weeks ago.  go to to download it. 

ConfigMgr (aka SCCM) Health Check/Risk Assessment Program

I was asked to update an old post that referenced the health check when it was launched so may as well create new blog post referencing the RAP. Microsoft PFE has had a ConfigMgr Health Check available for almost two years and we have delivered health checks at hundreds of Premier customers around the world.  We are now in the final…

The Service Manager (SCSM) floodgates are opening….

have gotten pinged several times by TAMs about SCSM, so this product is about to take off.  Been ramping up and I’m begining to understand it.  It’s a complex product and has lots of moving pieces but seems to work well. I think the self-service portal is pretty slick and I see customers using that and…

looking for strong SMS/ConfigMgr or MOM/SCOM resources

we are hiring.  if you are very strong in SMS/ConfigMgr and/or MOM/SCOM, are willing to travel (but still maintain work/life balance) and are looking for a new job opportunity, shoot me an email