post SCCM SP2 hotfixes

These may be listed somewhere else but now they are listed here too: 978022 Memory leak in System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 if the distribution point role is enabled High 981640 The “Backup ConfigMgr Site Server” task fails on a ConfigMgr 2007 site server High 977056 The memory allocation for the Wmiprvse.exe process keeps increasing when you update the…

Managing Windows Phone 7 with SCCM V.Next

The details around this are still moving but SCCM V.Next will provide “light” management of WP7 devices thru the Exchange connector.  Can’t provide all the details here yet and I’ll add more info as it becomes available for the public.  WM 6.1 and 6.5 will have alot more functionality than WP7 in this area.

my 2011 trek madone 4.5

i keep this blog fairly technical but wanted to post a quick pic of my new road bike.  it’s a 2011 trek madone 4.5 with the new shimano 105 group, ultegra pedals, node 2 computer, carbon fiber frame, etc etc.  it’s am amazing bike.  

what does this advertisement status message mean?

here is the dump from  v_AdvertisementStatusInformation MessageID MessageState MessageStateName MessageName0 0 No Status No messages have been received10000 2 Rejected Program rejected (offer data integrity)10001 11 Failed Program rejected (package data integrity)10002 1 Accepted Program received10003 11 Failed Failed (bad environment)10004 11 Failed Program failed10005 9 Running Program started10006 11 Failed Program failed10007 11 Failed Program failed10008 13 Succeeded Program completed with success10009 13 Succeeded Program completed with success10018 2 Rejected Program rejected (wrong platform)10019 3 Expired Program expired10020 8 Waiting Program deferred due to slow link10021 11 Failed Program failed (unexpected restart)10022 12 Reboot Pending Program completed successfully (reboot pending)10023 5 Download in Progress Download Started10024 6 Download Complete Download complete10025 11 Failed Download failed10030 11 Failed Download…


tuning the sccm management pack

link to kevin holman’s blog on the sccm management pack for scom.  

DirectAccess and mixed/native mode

Common question:  “Does my ConfigMgr 2007 site need to be in native mode in order to use the Direct Access feature?”  The answer is no.  Native mode provides a more secure environment but isn’t required if you want to enable Direct Access on your clients.  Mixed mode will work just fine.  MSIT has been using this…