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Chassis type values in SCCM

  when 1 then ‘Other’  when 2 then ‘Unknown’  when 3 then ‘Desktop’  when 4 then ‘Low Profile Desktop’  when 5 then ‘Pizza Box’  when 6 then ‘Mini Tower’  when 7 then ‘Tower’  when 8 then ‘Portable’  when 9 then ‘Laptop’  when 10 then ‘Notebook’  when 11 then ‘Hand Held’  when 12 then ‘Docking Station’…


Enabling success logon events for primary system user To enable data to be collected for Asset Intelligence console usage and CAL reports, Client Access License (CAL) data collection must be enabled in the Configuration.mof hardware inventory settings file and computer security policy logon settings must be configured to enable auditing of success logon events. You can use the following procedures to enable…