SCCM client center

SCCM version of a great SMS tool.

"Access is denied" when accessing SCCM console

You have set the required permissions in the security rights area in the SMS/SCCM console but you are still getting “access is denied” when you open the MMC?  Make sure that you added the user/group the local Distributed COM Users group on the site server.  Everyone remembers the SMS Admins group but the Distributed COM…

Monitoring SMS/SCCM performance

Monitoring SMS Activity You can use Performance Monitor utility to track various processes on a Windows system in real time. The utility uses a graphical display that you can use to view current data, or log data. You can specify specific elements or components that should be tracked. You can determine resource usage by monitoring…

When to use 32-bit SCOM agent on 64-bit OS

Database moves for SCOM and SCCM

How to move the SCOM database: How to move the datawarehouse: Other useful SCOM procedures:   Moving the SCCM database: and

How to extend schema for SCCM

The process always comes up so here is the link

Installing SCCM using a cluster SQL

1. Install Windows 2003 Cluster 2. Install SQL 2000/2005 Cluster 3. By default, Windows will not register SQL Server virtual name in Active Directory, for successfully installing SCCM 2007 on Clustered SQL Server, you must register it. Go to step 4 4. Run setspn.exe (you can download it from Microsoft download center: utility as below:…

Useful bit of XML to prevent time sync in Virtual PC VMs

Edit the .VMC file in Notepad and add the following  <integration>     <microsoft>         <components>             <host_time_sync>                 <enabled type=”boolean”>false</enabled>             </host_time_sync>         </components> Close notepad and save the .VMC file. Start the virtual machine.

Forefront and SCCM