How to Create and Import a WinPE 3.1 Boot image for use in ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 CU2

 1) Install the WAIK 3.0 package on a remote system        NOTE: It is not recommended to have the ADK and WAIK installed on the same system. 2) Install the WAIK 3.1 Supplement update package 3) To install the supplemental update open a command prompt and perform the following command.       NOTE: 1131 Files should be…


Windows 10 ADK Boot image updates for Configuration Manager

  Windows 10 has finally launched worldwide and now I am ready to start updating my boot images for deployment so what’s next…  First download the bits from the msdn page all the way at the bottom. Next we have two options first being we have yet to deploy System Center Configuration Manager 2012…


How to Deploy Phantom Updates with System Center Configuration Manager

Have you ever wanted to deploy an update in Configuration Manager and went hay i don’t see that in my list of updates?  You probably started looking around checking to ensure your classifications and products were all filled out and noticed all were selected or the ones you required were selected and still nothing to…


How to Create a Configuration Item and Baseline to Disable Adobe Flash Player Automatic Updates

Updated Post:  In this post i am going to go over how to disable Adobe Flash Player Automatic Updates with a CI item and Baseline.  In a follow up post i will walk through the steps to Deploy and maintain Flash Player Patches via System Center 2012 Configuration Manager and System Center Updates Publisher 2011. …


ConfigMgr 2012 Chassis Type Global Condition

What is a Global Condition? “Global conditions in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012 are rules that represent business or technical conditions that can be used to specify how an application is provided and deployed to client devices. Global conditions can be created from the Global Conditions node of the Configuration Manager console or from within the Create…


Windows Server Technical Preview Hyper-V Missing VM's

I recently upgraded my Hyper-V Host to Windows Server Technical Preview from Windows Server 2012 R2 and noticed that my VM's were missing.  They were still active just not visible in the console.  If you are experiencing the same behavior you can run the following command to make your VM's display in the console again….


How to force Microsoft Edge to Open the Application Catalog in Internet Explorer

  So as we are getting excited to start finally deploying Windows 10 in production with Configuration Manager we get the agent installed and start trying to test out Application Deployments and go to open the Application Catalog and BAM… we get an error since our default browser is now Microsoft Edge in Windows 10…


Powershell – How to Disable Incremental Collection Updates in Mass

Collections in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager represent logical groupings of resources, such as users and devices. You can use collections to help you perform many tasks, such as managing applications, deploying compliance settings, or installing software updates. You can also use collections to manage groups of client settings. For more information on Collections see the following “Introduction…


System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Setup fails due to Password Filters

I was recently installing a ConfigMgr 2012 site for a customer and ran into an unusual error towards the end of the installation that i hadn’t seen before and wanted to share this incase others ran into this similar issue. The following error message will be displayed in your ConfigMgr Setup log if you have a Password…