Upgrade VM Guest Version in Windows Server Technical Preview

Windows Server Technical Preview brings a number of new and exciting changes.  Below are a few Hyper-V Enhancements that we get with release.  In order to take advantage of these features you must upgrade each VM's Version to 6.0.  Below are some steps to help out with that process.

1)  List of VM's and version

Get-VM * | Format-Table Name, Version

2) Upgrade VM Version on all Guest VM's

$VMs = Get-VM *

Foreach( $VM in $VMs){

If ($VM.Version -ne '6.0'){

Write-Host "Stopping VM:"$VM.Name

Stop-VM $VM.Name

Write-Host "Updating VM Version" $VM.Version " on " $VM.Name

Update-VmConfigurationVersion $VM.Name -Force

Write-Host "Starting VM:"$VM.Name

Start-VM $VM.Name




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  1. Anonymous says:

    Virtuelle Maschinen in Hyper-V besitzen seit der ersten Hyper-V Versionen ein Attribut "VM-Version"

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