Compliance Baseline for Adobe Flash Player Configuration Settings

Last year i wrote a blog post here about how to create a Compliance Baseline for Adobe Flash Player Configuration Settings.  Since that post i had a few follow ups where the baseline did not work in certain scenarios and to be able to extend with extra settings.  Since its a new year and ye ole Windows XP is coming to an end i decided to rewrite the configuration item with Windows Powershell since i no longer have to rely on Powershell being installed on the machine i can finally start to retire my VBScripts and move on!

I am not going to explain how to create a Compliance Item and Baseline for that you can review the previous blog post.  Attached is the updated Configuration Item and Baseline that can be imported into your environment and tested.  Scripts will check for x64 and x86 paths and create a UTF-8 Encoded mms.cfg file in the proper paths, x64 systems will have the file copied into both locations to account for x86 and x64 Flash versions.  Additionally the scripts will check for AutoUpdateDisable and SilentAutoUpdateEnable settings inside the mms.cfg if found and report compliance if the values are not set to the appropriate values which in this case is to disable both settings.

Additionally configuration values and settings can be reviewed here:

New Settings and values can easily be changed within the Configuration Item when imported or in the attached scripts as well.

At the end of this post you can find "Adobe Flash Player Configuration" file which can be used to import the CI and Baseline directly into your Compliance Settings Node of the Console.

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Adobe Flash Player Configuration

Comments (1)

  1. shane says:

    After running the baseline on a Windows 7 x64 machine, viewing the report shows the following:

    Error Type: Setting Discovery Error
    Error Code: 0x80041005
    Error Description: Type mismatch
    Error Source: WMI

    The mms.cfg is not modified.

    When I delete the mms.cfg file, then run the baseline again, the same error occurs. No file is copied

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