MDT 2012 Error – ResetFolder: TakeOwn for C:boot, RC = 1 in LTIApply

I was just working in my lab the other night and when i was trying to Reimage one of my servers from within the OS using MDT 2012 Update 1 and noticed the following error in the LTIApply step "ResetFolder: TakeOwn for C:\boot, RC = 1".  Naturally i dug into the logs found the error and decided to give bing a try to see if it would yield any results, Well low and behold an article did catch my attention with the exact same issue although it states its for a Sysprep and Capture TS it will also hold true for other scenarios when C:\Boot does not exist during the Apple PE Stage within the OS.  After following the suggestion in the KB article and re-launching the deployment we had success!  Just wanted to pass this along to anyone else that might find this useful.


Error: ResetFolder: TakeOwn for C:\boot, RC = 1 in LTIApply

Cause: This problem occurs because the LTIApply.wsf script fails to check for the existence of the boot folder on the system partition before running the command takeown.exe to change ownership on the folder. The takeown.exe command fails with a "Not Found" error if the boot folder doesn't exist and causes the Sysprep and Capture task sequence to fail.

Workaround: Locate the "Copy bootmgr" section in LTIApply.wsf and add the following code above the existing code under the section:

If not oFSO.FolderExists(sBootDrive & "\Boot") then
   oFSO.CreateFolder(sBootDrive & "\Boot")
End if
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