Powershell V2 CTP3 released

Been using this internally for the last couple of weeks and have been digging the changes.  Just wanted to put this out here to spread the word.   http://blogs.msdn.com/powershell/archive/2008/12/23/early-christmas-present-from-powershell-team-community-technology-preview-3-ctp3-of-windows-powershell-v2.aspx   Happy Holidays.   Technorati Tags: powershell


Check that driver file versions match on all your cluster nodes via Powershell

This is more of a proof of concept, but I’ve used it with success internally.  Take it and do with it what you want.  Many thx to Brandon who did the “heavy lifting” when I got stuck! Overview: Ever run into cluster issues and wanted to see if the driver file versions matched on all…