SystemRootSystem32RDPDD.dll failed to load


This is an FYI post for an issue we've seen on a couple of Windows 2003 SP2 servers internally.  Hopefully if someone hits this in the wild they'll be able to find this post on the intertubes.


When attempting to connect from the client via RDP,  you would click “connect” and then soon after it would silently fail and “connect” would be clickable again.

Each time when attempting to connect, the server would log this event:

Event Type:   Information
Event Source: Application Popup
Event Category:      None
Event ID:     26
Date:         9/25/2007
Time:         12:13:57 PM
User:         N/A
Computer:     ServerX
Application popup:  : \SystemRoot\System32\RDPDD.dll failed to load

For more information, see Help and Support Center at
0000: 00000000 006c0002 00000000 4000001a
0010: c0000017 c000009a 00000000 00000000
0020: 00000000 00000000

Our Resolution

A) We found that in our cases it was an issue with the ATI driver and by either rolling back the ATI driver for the display on the server or upgrading the display driver on the server resolved the issue.  Reports in the comments show the same for Nvidia drivers

B) In another instance it was found that by going to:  Display Properties --> Settings --> Advanced --> Troubleshoot, turn off "Hardware acceleration” resolved the issue as well without adjusting the drivers.

C) On the internet I've seen posts showing SFC to help but in my cases it did not.

Update from comments: 

D) A solution found at worked for me (and others.)

It's a registry fix that increases the size of the session image space.  Add the following key:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management]


Where 00000020 is hex for 32

In any case the event was a red herring and was just a generic error being bubbled up from Win32k.sys..


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Comments (114)
  1. BooRadely says:

    It’s actually a problem with the card/drivers not with the OS.

  2. Craig Landis says:

    Just had this problem on a 2003 SP2 machine after installing an Nvidia driver that showed up in Device Manager with Driver Date: 9/17/2008 and Driver Version:

    Adding SessionImageSize of 0x20 fixed it, but then I figured I would install the latest 280.26 series Nvidia driver. After rebooting from installing that version, SessionImageSize was changed to 0x30, and RDP still worked.

    Then I wanted to see if SessionImageSize was still even necessary on this latest driver version, so I deleted SessionImageSize from the registry and rebooted, and RDP still worked.

    I did a LiveKD to view the effective SessionImageSize with no registry value set:

    kd> dd nt!MmSessionImageSize l1

    808af27c  00800000

    So it seems the newer video driver is able to load within the default SessionImageSize, but older drivers had issues where you  had to increase it to accomodate them.

    This is a pretty good explanation of what is happening:

    Video Driver not Loading on Windows XP…/video-driver-not-loading-on-windows-xp.aspx

    And a KB on it:

    You are unable to RDP to Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP…/2511009

  3. BooRadely says:

    Alright glad it helped!

  4. velga says:

    I only had this problem after installing .NET 3. on W2K3-SrvHunSP2+Term Serv. Ati driver adjusting solved it.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Great info! I had the same problem after installing .Net 3.5….it was just driving me crazy!

  6. Roger McCubbins says:

    I have a client with new Dell XP machines and nothing but seemingly random glitches with connecting to them via RDP. First it was BSoDs. ATI seemed the culprit from the bugcheck, but there was no updated Dell ATI driver. Updating with the ATI driver from the ATI/AMD website seemed to help, but there were still lockups after accessing via RDP the first time.

    Now, we’ve got a couple machines that just refuse the connection, with the above error you about. Imagine my surprise when ATI was your culprit!

    I think the VERY latest driver off the website is going to resolve my problem, but honestly? I’ve been trying to track this down for months.

    ATI + .Net is a clue. I couldn’t get them to break out of the box, but after all our apps were on, they did it. One app installs .Net 2.0 – my money is on that combo.

  7. Paul R. Dietz says:

    Had this appear on XP Pro on a dual-core AMD system after updating the ATI Radeon drivers.

    Disabled Hardware Acceleration and RDP now works again.

  8. SkyNet says:

    I yesterday updated to nvidia driver 175.16, and remote desktop works nomore.

    It seems there’s a strong relationship between video drivers and RD. But since this is a very old problem (i found many discussions about it which have been started in 2006 and 2007), MS should release a patch to solve it.

  9. Luke Smith says:

    Application popup:  : SystemRootSystem32RDPDD.dll failed to load is showing numerous times in my Event viewer – system folder after I try to RDP to my machine from another computer. Basically, I hit "connect" in RDP, and the little box flashes and doesn’t do anything. I am running Windows XP Pro. I would like to add to one of the previous posts from a user named "Skynet." I just installed nVidia display driver 175.16, and that’s when my RDP broke. nVidia and Microsoft have yet to fix this problem, but I will be contacting nVidia about it, tomorrow. I will let you all know what I find out.

  10. Luke Smith says:

    UPDATE: I just wanted to confirm my previous post. nVidia display driver 175.16 BROKE my RDP. I rolled back the driver and restarted my computer. Lo-and-behold…. I was successfully able to RDP my machine from another machine. I’m definitely going to put in a support ticket or phone call to nVidia, tomorrow, to let them know of this problem.

  11. blogfeuer says:

    Same here in Germay. After Nvidia Update. RDP stopped.

  12. Chris Franzen says:

    Unbelievable, but true. Of course, Murphy let me use a headless system (no display, no keyboard) when I discovered it. The win installation on that machine used to have an ATI card, now it uses an NVIDIA…so I´ll roll back the NVIDIA driver to a previous release and re-check.

    Why are we wasting our time with this …. uglyness???

  13. mastman says:

    It is ugliness, but the NVIDIA driver rollback finally saved me from over a week of changing security settings, uninstalling and reinstalling XP SP3, etc. RDP is working again.

  14. dude says:

    rolled back nvidia driver and sure enough rdp working now…can’t beleive it great work and thanks a mill

  15. markus says:

    Had this problem on a XP Professional box with ATI graphics card. Updating the driver fixed the problem.

    Thanks a lot.

  16. LOC says:

    Thanks for the info! You saved me from hours of pointless fight with RDP and system settings. Nvidia rollback helped! Thanks again!

  17. Hamm says:

    Same here. 175.16 broke RDP for me. I rolled back the driver and it works now. As of this time 175.16 is still the latest driver. Thanks for sharing, guys.

  18. bg says:

    so which version is working for you guys?

  19. mith says:

    I’m using the nVidia 175.16 drivers, and am experiencing the same thing; yesterday it worked for one connection, after disconnect I can no longer connect. I’ll just stick with VNC until they fix the drivers

  20. Peter says:

    Same issue after upgrading to Nvidia 175.16, really a pain because Spore is crashing with older drivers… then again, maybe I’ve created enough unnatural freaky creatures until the game comes out.

  21. Odyssey_2011 says:

    Great info!  I had Nvidia 175.16 driver version as well and could not remote into my PC.  Once I installed driver version (12/5/07), I was able to remote into my PC.

    Thanks for the help!

  22. Reinhard says:

    The Nvidia driver 175.19 released today has no resolution for this issue. My PC is only one of over 300 with Nvidia GeForce 6200 TM (but the only one with XP SP3), RDP is an often used feature. So we must avoid to install/build in this and the former driver over/in our RIS or WDS image for XP with integrated SP3 installations. Thank you NVidia 🙁


  23. silicon says:

    install nvidia drivers 169.21 if you want remote desktop to work, nvidia still doesn’t know how to make proper drivers and apparently microsoft doesn’t know how to test drivers either.

  24. Words says:

    Just so its recorded somewhere.  I was having a problem with my XBOX 360 connecting to my Media Center PC, it would just hang on the "Contacting . . ." screen.  I had updated my NVIDIA card with the 175.19 driver recently and this seems to be the problem.  Rolling back to the previous driver resolved my XBOX problem as it seems to rely on this same DLL to connect and show Media Center on my TV via the XBOX.

  25. Anthony says:

    Using nVidia 175.19 and having a similar problem. Rebooting fixes it for a while but then it returns. Anyone know where I can get an older version of the nVidia drivers for a GeForce 6800GT?


  26. E Newton says:

    This was happening off and on, now even about a reboot it doesnt work.

    I fail to see how its a display driver problem when RDP is meant to virtualize the display…

    However, I bet Vista’s more component based architecture probably wont have the same issue

  27. gfl says:

    Thanks!  Upgrading the nVidia driver fixed the problem for me.  Who’d a thunk it …

  28. Matthew McKenzie says:

    Hey folks, I happened across this blog post and figured others who find it might benefit from some additional info on the problem.

    For the record, here is some relevant info on my WinXP systems:

    System 1:

    Asus A8N-32SLI

    Nvidia GeForce 7600GS

    System 2:

    Abit A-N78HD with onboard Nvidia GeForce 8200 graphics

    Nvidia GeForce 8600GS (running an additional display)

    As many people have discovered, the issue cited in the title to this blog post affects the Nvidia 175.16 driver package. Last week, Nvidia released an update — 175.19 — that many people assumed would fix the problem.

    I can personally confirm that the 175.19 drivers do NOT fix the problem, at least not on my systems.

    On my Abit system, my options are very limited; the Nvidia 8200 onboard display is supported officially only on the GeForce 174.xx and 175.xx driver packages. I have a 174.74 driver package that I have not yet tried; perhaps this will fix the RDP issue.

    My other option on this system involved using the 177.35 driver package. Nvidia has released this package only for its GTX series cards, but a PC modding enthusiast has posted a modded version of the 177.35 inf file that enables support for legacy Nvidia cards. I won’t post the link here, since using modded inf files is not a good idea unless you are prepared to deal with possible serious problems that may result. You can find the link, however, with a little searching on the Nvidia support forums (

    As for my Asus system, the solution is much easier: I have rolled back the drivers to version 163.75. A more recent release, 169.21, also fixes the remote desktop issue, but in my case, it introduces another problem — after closing a remote desktop session, this system ends up in 4-bit, 800 x 600 display mode and cannot be changed without a reboot. Fortunately, the 7600GS is old enough that a number of older driver packages are also available.

    Nvidia has done NOTHING to address the remote desktop issue. Many people assumed the 175.19 package was released mostly in order to fix this problem, but obviously that was not the case. I would urge any Nvidia users who have this problem to complain both to the company and on public forums like this one, in order to make it clear to the company that ignoring a problem like this is completely unacceptable and will carry serious negative PR consequences.

    Hope this info helps, and good luck!

  29. John says:

    this just happened to me after i installed and rebooted

    i’m running windows xp pro sp3.. this is REALLY odd..

  30. crispy602 says:

    yep looks like a confirmed bug, was scouring the nvidia forums and found this:

    I managed to use the drivers here

    and it fixed it

  31. Scott says:

    I have a GeForce 8600GTS and I have the 175.19 installed on my computer, and I can’t TS to my computer. I installed the 169.21 driver and I can now TS to my box. To get get older drivers check out nvidias driver archive:


  32. tjebe says:

    A solution found at worked for me (and others.)

    It’s a registry fix that increases the size of the session image space.  Add the following key:

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession ManagerMemory Management]


    Where 00000020 is hex for 32

  33. J Y says:


    that registry edit worked!  thanks for the help; you saved me a lot of work hunting for a solution.

  34. Zane Perry says:

    I just ran into this problem.  First I tried to download the latest drivers to see if it has been fixed yet.  No success.  The registry hack worked.  Thank you.

    I wrote a post in the NVIDIA forum to try to bring this issue to their attention.  Go ahead and check it out (and vote yes) to help encourage them to fix it.

  35. Argh McFrustrated says:

    What no one seems to bother to mention is if you do the reg hack on the computer you remote to (host) or the computer you remote from (client); or both. Adding the reg hack to the computer I remote from doesn’t fix it.

  36. Robert Trufant says:

    The registry hack has to be placed on the host computer.  Hope that this helps 🙂

  37. andreaccs says:

    same error for me. this was a life safer!!!!

  38. Iury Boldyrev says:

    by a fluke I found new solution for this problem. I have Windows Server 2003 with ATI Radeon & recently acquired trouble with Remote Desktop Connection.

    I uninstalled ATI Control Center (demanding from "NET framework"), then all NET framework components, but RDC client stay could not connect & I received "RDPDD.dll failed to load" message again.

    I don’t want downgrade or uninstall Radeon driver or turn off Hardware acceleration permanently. I found this solution:  

    I temporarily turned off "Hardware acceleration” in "Troubleshoot" part of Display Properties; then connected Remote Desktop Client from my laptop, take Login screen & immediately TURNed ON "Hardware acceleration” ON SERVER. Then I tried logoff, connected again ("Hardware acceleration” stay ON ) & I take connecttion without "RDPDD.dll failed to load" messages in log. But I have not been rebooted server after that.

    Exuse my awful English, please.

  39. olli says:

    Still getting this problem with 175.19 and RD.

    I’m not getting any system events when the login fails.

    I’ve checked my registry and that key doesn’t exist, does anybody know if it’s been renamed with SP3?

    I have SessionViewSize (defaults to 30) and SessionPoolSize (defaults to 4).

    Thanks a lot.

  40. Steve Banford says:

    This RDP issue began recently for me with our last influx of new workstations. They all have the newest Nvidia GeForce 98000 GTX graphics cards. Since disabling the graphics accelerator is not a option for us and I don’t subscribe to using a earlier drivers I tried adding the registry key first. It solved the problem. I think I am going to call Nvidia about this. Thanks for everyones input. Very helpful. Steve Banford

  41. Ian Hellier says:

    Fix didn’t work for me, although their 177 beta drivers did fix it.

    Seems they either know about it or it fixed itself.


  42. rboydston says:

    177.79 beta solved it for me.

    xp sp3 w nvidia 8600 gts

  43. Reinier Post says:

    The fix to add the registry key (no it doesn’t exist beforehand) also worked for me.

    (And I wouldn’t be typing this if it didn’t.)

  44. Jon Green says:

    This also fixed my loss of ability to print via LPR (Brother HL-1250, in case that’s relevant and people are searching for a solution). I lost that, and remote desktop, after updating nvidia’s video drivers.

  45. HerbCSO says:

    Sho’ ’nuff, registry hack fixed it (latest NVIDIA 175.19 did it in for me). Thx for posting the solution!

  46. paul says:

    I’ve done the reg hack, but it keeps coming back on a system with an ATI card and the latest driver (the small download, not the one with all the added stuff) even tried upping the value to 40 instead of 20 with no luck, it works for a while, then breaks again. Surely this is an issue MS and the gfx card manufacturers need to address? I use RD for mostly non-work reasons, but it’s clearly affecting people who really need it

  47. matthias says:

    It did not work for me.

    (Nvidia-Card, XPSP3)


  48. Par says:

    I started getting this problem on a computer I just built.  It is an AMD X2 and a gigabit mobo with, this is the important part, on board ATI radeon hd3200.  I did not disable hardware acceleration because of games I play, but I found installing the latest drivers from ATI’s site fixed the problem.

    Solution for ATI?  Get updated drivers.

  49. paul says:

    It’ll work for a while Par, mine does if I just reload the drivers, then it dies on it’s arse again a few days later, sometimes a reboot wakes it back up, others it kills it dead. Don’t bother asking ATI, they’ll claim it’s unsupported. I’ll be buying nVidia next time, at least they seem to have directly or indirectly made it work.

  50. Rick says:

    I downloaded Nvidia 178.13 today (released Sept 25, 2008) and it solved the problem for me.

  51. Kevin says:

    Nvidia 178.13 also solved the problem for me.  Amazing.

  52. Greg Moore says:

    I had this exact problem with an older (as of 10/10/2008) version of the NVIDIA drivers running on a GeForce 8600 controller.

    After installing the vresion 178.13 drivers, it is now allowing RDP sessions in.

    NOTE: We are also running this XP Professional station in /3GB mode.

  53. tma says:

    Please reboot(obvious? :/) the host computer AFTER the reg hack is done.

    It worked for me that way.

  54. MadMat says:

    Ca a marché pour moi apres un reboot! Merci beaucoup!

  55. sam says:

    This did the trick.  Thanks.

    Add the following key:

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession ManagerMemory Management]


    Where 00000020 is hex for 32

  56. Garry says:

    Cool!!!! Finally, after several months of only having VNC as a ways of getting to one of my boxes, I can finally use RDP again 🙂

  57. Arthur says:

    Very very happy I found you pages!!

    The regedit solution works for my Nvidia 8200, now RPD and Home Server Console are up and running again.

  58. Nathan says:

    Wow…this had been troubling me for a week+.  I could RDP out to anything, but I was not able to connect to my machine using RDP from home, which was actually incredibly poor timing for it to fail.  The day before, I installed a SQL Server test package on my machine which had required .NET 3.5 so I could learn more about SQL.  I had installed SP3 a few months back, and had no connection issues until the .NET 3.5 was installed.  I installed the latest ATI video drivers and it works fine now.  THANKS!

  59. Doug says:

    I was having the same problem described with my Nvidia 6600GT.

    I had display driver 175.19…

    Upgraded to 178.24 and now Remote Desktop works fine!

    Love, Doug.

  60. Jason L says:

    Thanks for the post.  the registry fix took care of my problems without playing video driver roulette

  61. Igor says:

    Tried to paly with drivers, that did not help.

    However,  reg fix did the trick! Thanks a lot!

  62. icetoad says:

    welp.. nothing is working for me.  reghack nor the hardware acceration( which doesnt help since i want to use my 8800GTX. ).

    Mine however disconnects on connection but leaves no error in the logs.

    Back to vnc i guess.

  63. Frodo says:

    Great info – I have been updating my system so I can run GTA IV, and found that RD stopped working in the same fashion you described.  The registry setting worked splendidly (disabling hardware acc or rolling the video driver back really isn’t an option for those of us who play games).

  64. Julia Evans says:

    I would just like to say that this article has really got me "out of a pickle" as my MD has just got a new home PC and wanted to connect to it – but couldn’t and she was not amused !

    My IT company told me it was a problem with rdpdll.dll but their solution was too complicated for me to follow.  So I searched and found this simple article …. and voila, problem solved 100%.

    Thank you so much.


    Julia Evans – IT Support Co-ordinator

  65. TonyT says:

    Another possible fix:

    On the problem server I turned the colour quality settings from 32 bit down to 16bit. Immidiatly worked.

    Give it a try!

  66. Brian Hankey says:

    Thank you for the registry hack, this issue had been bugging me for hours !!!!!! and it is now resolved.  FWIW, I Was running the .19 drivers and it didn’t work for me either, hence why I then did the reg hack.

  67. rbrasher says:

    Same problem — click connect, flash, back at connection form with no error.  Rolling back driver and/or sliding hardware acceleration to zero worked.

  68. Alvaro says:

    The reg trick also worked for me. This bug has been affecting my pc for days!!!

  69. Berkeley Roberts says:

    Thank you.

    In the process of trying to implement the fix, I discovered that  NVIDIA released a new version of the river yesterday that fixes the problem.


  70. paul says:

    OK, I’ve found another, non-registry, non-driver or reboot related way in.

    Last few times it’s happened to me, I’ve found that if I click the black screen repeatedly before the error dialog appears (as the screen is being updated) then it doesn’t kick me out.

    Sounds odd, but seems to work if you’re stuck with no other option.

  71. paul says:

    I just installed 181.22_geforce_winxp_32bit_english_whql.exe and this killed RD on my GeForce 8500 GT.

  72. paul says:

    The registry fix works also for the 181.22 driver 🙂

  73. paul says:

    Now, with the 181.22 driver and the registry fix, I get a "SystemRootSystem32ATMFD.DLL failed to load" message, but Remote Desktop works.

  74. Tack says:

    Thanks, installing NVidia 181.22_geforce_winxp_32bit_english_whql on my system fixed the RDP issue but broke some Magic Rotation software that I installed with my new 26" Samsung monitor.

    I believe it is the desktop rotation software that broke RDP.  I wish I had known I would have tried uninstalling that first to see if the issue was fixed.

  75. Donatello says:

    Updating my Radeon 2400 pro-drivers helped! This problem had been bugging me for days! Many thanks! /Don

  76. MC says:

    Registry fix causes Win32k BSOD sometimes , Brad mentioned above this.

    Any fix for this fix ?

  77. MC says:

    OK , correction – Win32k.sys was related to corrupted Cat 8.12

    Everything’s fine now – so far so good

  78. xannonite says:

    Increasing the SessionImageSize did not work for me.  Instead I was able to resolve the issue by removing the /3GB switch as mentioned in this KB article:

    I tried increasing the desktop heap size to see if I could continue to use the /3GB switch, but it did not work.  I ultimately had to remove the switch.  Here are some articles on adjusting the desktop heap size:

  79. Amy says:

    Many thanks for posting this! You saved me 🙂

  80. Sponge says:

    Thank you so, so much.

    I rebuilt my media server recently and everything was go swimmingly installing drivers, etc, until, for apparently no reason, I was unable to remotely access the server from my other PC. I could do it the day before, but then experienced the symptoms above.

    I spent hours trying different things, searching the internet. I then started to stumble across websites suggesting it could be NVidia and then ATI drivers. Seemed bizarre to me, especially as I had the latest version (v9.1 at time of writing), but after removing hardware acceleration as suggested, it worked.

    Thanks again!

    PS Am I better off with the latest ATI drivers and Hardware Accn off? Or revert to Windows drivers and HA on?

  81. kphan says:

    Thank you very much for the useful information!

    In my case, the RDP issue I had was because of the NVIDIA graphics driver I was using.  Updating it with the latest drivers from NVIDIA’s support site solved my problems.

    Thanks again for the blog!

  82. Chris says:

    Thanks for the fix. This happened on my XP pro box with an ATI radeon HD 2400 card. It looks like it all went bad after I installed .NET framework 3.5 SP1. even thou i uninstalled it the problem remained.

    Thanks again for posting

  83. sovath says:

    Updating the ATI driver did solve the problem. Thanks Brad.


  84. Rob says:

    I had this same error appearing in the event log on a fresh install of XP on a new machine, after doing a Windows Update which included .net 3.5.  Unfortunately it crashed the machine a few seconds after logon, every time.  Suspected it was the display driver (ATI) as some screen corruption appeared alongsied the cursor as it froze.  Rebooted in safe mode and applied the registry key you’ve added to the post, and all seems good. Thanks!!

  85. Slade says:

    Congratulations on a job well done. Thanks.

    I am from Panama and bad know English, give please true I wrote the following sentence: "Cheap airline tickets vay – valerie weeks noah to replace her punish the peach cheap airline tickets vay – that is, the year use who does the progressive father."

    THX :-(, Slade.

  86. dieter says:

    this saves my day, thanks for the solution.

  87. thanks says:

    Although it wasn’t an RDP problem this did help as it was a video driver issue that was locking up my PC!

    Good work!

  88. RDP Works Again! says:

    I had the exact same RDP symptoms as described above.  However, by simply upgrading my Nvidia drivers to the latest release (April 02, 2009) and rebooting the problem was resolved. I am now again able to RDP as normal without any other changes required.

  89. Erik Paiste says:

    Registry Fix at top worked.

    nVidia graphics driver was present but not updated.

    Cause most likely .Net Update from Microsoft Update.

  90. Indy7 says:

    Option "d." just worked for me under XP SP3.  Thanks!

  91. adolfo says:

    New drivers nvidia 185.85 fix  the problem.

  92. John Ericson says:

    Solution D worked for me as well. I had to restart the computer for it to work. I’m running XP SP3 and Nvidia drivers

  93. Ralf says:

    I cannot get it to work, none of the solutions given seem to work.

    Also, turning off hardware acceleration, driver rollback do nothing to solve te problem.

    I’m using a radeon 2400 XT. I cannot believe there is no fix from ATI for this problem as it seems to be going on for quite some time now (considering all the above reactions).

    I even do not get any error messages, nothing!

    I’m running a Windows XP Pro SP3 machine with ATI radeon Catalyst 9.6 drivers.

  94. Patrick Hoban says:

    I had the same error but on a Dell OptiPlex 960 with an nVidia 9300GE. Installing the latest nVidia driver worked for me.

  95. George says:

    Patrick (or other)

    Do you need to upgrade the video driver on the Local (viewer) or Remote (server) computer?

    Thank you

  96. Tord Stome says:

    Really good blog!

    I downloaded newest nvidia Gforce drivers for 9 Series(9600 my card) On my HP Pavilion computer bought in Norway 2009.

    This fixed the problem! August 2009!  

  97. mike says:

    "SessionImageSize"=dword:00000020 work for me!


  98. Mark says:

    After finding the error on the DLL in the event log I did a google and found this blog. A quick update of the NVidia drivers fixed the problem.



  99. Aitch says:

    Dare I say it, "me too"!!

    SessionImageSize key corrected a problem we had been tearing our hair out over for 2 days, to one specific (older) machine.

    Our red herring thought it was networking and maybe RDC 5 vs RDC 6, it was only when i looked at the system logs from the server did i see the RDPDD.dll  and that led me hear.

    Many Thanks…!

  100. todd mc says:

    Wow, it’s November 2009 and this issue still persists, not yet addressed by MS, nVidia, Dell??  New Dell Optiplex 960 with nVidia GeForce 9300, XPSP3.  Video driver change fixed here as well.

    Thanks to all for your posts.

  101. leandro says:

    Con la agregada en el registro me anduvo perfecto, 1000 gracias

  102. bthompsontx says:

    I must say that I am glad to have found this blog.  I have been fighting this since I setup a new WHS server in May 2009.  I updated my NVIDIA drivers to 191.0 and can now use the WHS console and RDP from remote computers.



  103. Todd says:

    Registry fix worked for me.  

    on a dell.  fx5200 nvidia card

    tried latest update for video drivers with no fix, added the registry key and rebooted.  all is well in the world of rdp again.



  104. Daniel says:

    Thanks soo much. I wasted the last 3 hours to solve this issue until I finally stumpled upon this helpful advice.

    Damn you M$ and/or NVIDIA….

  105. Mike Klingler says:

    Updating the ATI driver worked for me.

  106. Mike Klingler says:

    Thanks for this post!

    I searched for days trying to figure out what group policy, registry setting, etc, etc. etc. might have changed to cause this problem. Everything on the network worked fine except remote desktop.

    After much searching I came across this blog in one of my hundreds of google searches. I had tried about everything I could think of, including updating motherboard chipset drivers, BIOS, network card driver, etc. I didn’t even have the slightest thought that it might be the video card driver. Silly me!!!

    The problem with just updating every driver on your machine, is that I have often had new problems show up after updating drivers, so I make it a policy to not update drivers if everything is working OK, If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it mentality. In this case this mentality stopped me from installing a video card driver even though I knew one was available because I didn’t have a video problem, I had a network problem.

    Again, thanks for this blog, I’m sure I’d have still been searching! :-

  107. Jakob3 says:


    Driver roll back solved it!

    (same problem as all the others)

  108. Hacker says:

    I used the registry hack thing and added the value on each computer (host) and it worked and fixed the problem. Thanks. Who would have thought that it was graphic issue. Saved me.

  109. Hacker says:

    BTW I used that fix on Windows XP Pro SP 3.

  110. michael from munich (germany) says:

    Thank you so much – i even managed to

    solve the problem remote without

    sitting in front of the server with

    psexec … regedit /s session.reg


  111. schilon says:

    Serwer 2003 z GF7300 po aktualizacjach Microsoft RDP przestalo dzialac

    Wpis w dziennkiku:

    Application popup:  : SystemRootSystem32RDPDD.dll failed to load

    Dzieki zmiany w rejestrze pomogly

    po restarcie dziala


  112. Eivind Gussiås Løkseth says:

    I couldn't fix this problem, so I made a tool to restart my home server without using any Windows credentials. The tool is published at codeplex, here:

  113. Amar says:

    It Really fixed my problem too. 5 stars

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