What do you say you DO here?

Just noticed the AD jigsaw poster has been updated for 2k8.  So next time your boss asks you "What do say you do here?", don't reply with I'm a people person!  Do the following:

1) Download one of the jigsaw posters from http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=c2b9e44e-0bbd-47cb-bc09-b3d48be7f867&DisplayLang=en

2) Print out on plotter

3) Give to boss

4) Ask for raise

We used to have one of these hanging outside our office, and as the rotating bosses would come by to see what we did, we'd just point them to the poster.  Wonder where that thing is now...

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  1. bpuhl says:

    "Wonder where that thing is now…"

    It moved with me right up until this last office move a few months ago.  Last time I saw, it was hanging on the wall outside my old office.

    Run by and see if it’s still up!


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