Webcast coming up: Looking cool in front of your AD peers in Win2k8

Just got back from vacation and will start getting the posts going again.  Just wanted to mention a webcast coming up from AD administration in Windows 2008 that is going to play next Thursday the 27th.  If you got some time to kill, I'd make this session for sure.

TechNet Webcast: Extending Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Management with Windows Features (Level 300)

Event Viewer:

Join us to learn about the capabilities in the Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 operating systems that enable new management scenarios. We explain how system administrators of the Active Directory directory service can use these capabilities to ease their day-to-day life and ensure smoother deployments and monitoring of their infrastructures. In this session, we briefly review the Microsoft WS-Management implementation under Windows and discuss how, as an Active Directory administrator, you can use its new set of features securely. Through practical examples, we demonstrate how the new Windows Remote Management (WinRM), Windows Remote Shell, and event forwarding features can address management needs for Active Directory Server Core deployment and Active Directory monitoring. Attend this presentation to discover how you can accomplish these tasks with a set of features directly available from the operating system!



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