Why is Vista such a memory hog?

It’s not. So I have been hearing this a lot lately and wanted to get a link out to a good article which explains superfetch and what it is doing.  I will have to admit the first time that I opened task manager in Vista and saw my system running at ~1.6GBs I thought I…


Cool Vista Demos from thirteen23.com

Just saw this on on10.net http://www.thirteen23.com/work.html  It demonstrates what you can do with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).  I’m using the netflix demo from that site right now and it is pretty slick looking.  I can’t wait for more products to start using this platform.  I saw the BBC demo a while back but it’s nice…


My computer is hard hung, now what can I do?

You may run into instances where a machine becomes “hard hung”, I usually can tell when a machine is in this state because the “num lock” and “caps lock” key don’t work.  So what can you do in these instances?  Well Windows has the ability to create a manual crash dump.  Manual crash dumps will…


Booting a DC into DSRM without touching it locally.

Short answer: /safeboot:DSRepair Long answer: So you will run into it often when being an AD admin that you need to boot a DC into DSRM (Directory Service Restore Mode), so what is the easiest way of doing this without having someone stand at the console and hit F8 on reboot and select DSRM from…


IE7 released! W00t!

Nuff Said http://www.microsoft.com/ie   IE blog for more details: IEBlog


Hey I forgot to turn on RDP on my server!

Ever find yourself away from your server after building it out and forgot to turn on RDP so you could TS onto the machine?  Well in XP and 2k3, you can just toggle a reg key and most of the time (pending firewall issues) you can then TS into the box.  Doesn’t work in Windows…


Vista Reliability Monitor (video)

You ever wonder what the new reliabilty monitor will do for you?  Also testing out embedding some soapbox vid. Video: Views On Vista – Reliability Monitor     Technorati tags: Vista, Vista Tips   IceRocket tags: Vista, Vista Tips


How do I create an elevated cmd shortcut in Vista/LH?

Are you tired of alt-clicking the cmd icon and choosing “Run as administrator” 70 times a day?  Well I am. Create a copy of cmd.exe in C:\Windows; rename it Elevatecmd.exe (or whatever) and set the Run As Administrator checkbox in Properties – Compatibility tab. The icon should show a shield icon after that, now you can…


Dumping out all the DCs in a domain to a txt file

Short and sweet way of dumping out the DCs to a txt file, in a script:   for /f “skip=1” %%a in (‘netdom query dc /domain:YOURDOMAIN’) do (if %%a == The (echo.) else echo %%a >> test.txt)   So what’s the deal with all the syntax, and how would this be useful?  Well if you do…


Hey where did /3GB go in Longhorn and Vista?

If you did not already know there is no boot.ini in Vista/LH.  So how do you set usermode space to 3GBs? If you recall on x86 platforms there is 4GBs of addressable VM space.  So by default that is split up equally.  2GBs for kernel mode and 2GBs for use mode.  Now this is usually…