Cool Windows Vista Feature

Using the Windows key (WinKey) + a number will bring up items on your taskbar.  For instance I have IE, Product Studio, Outlook, and Wmplayer on my taskbar.  If I hit WinKey+1 it will bring up IE, if I hit Winkey+4 it will bring up Windows media player.  I thought this was really cool as I have a lot of taskbar shortcuts.

There are some other new things, like Winkey+tab will do the flip 3d, and ctrl+alt+tab will bring up the switcher menu so you can use the arrow keys, but I think the one I mentioned above takes the cake for shortcuts...


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Comments (2)

  1. Jan Matèrne says:

    Yes – cool feature … I use that on my XP machine with an external tool: Winkey (

    Another feature I like is having a "menu" on my taskbar:

    – create a directory with some links to programs or documents you like

    – context menu of the taskbar | "??" (in German "Symbolleisten", 1st entry of the menu) | New ?? … | choose the new directory.

  2. BooRadely says:

    I think that there will probably be a sidebar gadget that will do what your looking for, if not then build one. 🙂

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