Changing "Sessions" information on user account in Active Directory with Powershell

Doing some digging with a teammate today it was incredibly difficult to find information on how to automate the settings change of the Sessions tab on a user object.  Different paths indicate we need to edit the userParameters attribute but you’ve probably found that it’s a binary blob and not easily manageable.  Perhaps you went down…


Solution for: A security package specific error occurred

For me the issue was happening with Powershell and Get-Winevent, but it could happen with any number of actions.  In my instance the problem occurs when we were using a cross-forest single sign-on account to manage multiple Active Directory forests. In this case if there are multiple computer accounts with the same name in play and one of those…


iADSLargeInteger in Powershell getting the RID pool values

I found that there were a few solutions out there on the internet but still didn’t really get me what I was after.  I wanted to find out my total SID count that could be created, and then find the current rid pool high water mark so I could track where were at against that…


NTDS performance counters missing

Thought I’d doc this for any others who run into this issue.  I had to demote/promote a machine this morning and when it finished promoting I found it was missing all the NTDS\* counters in perfmon.  I ran LODCTR /Q and saw that it looked wrong:   C:\Windows\system32>lodctr /q:NTDS Performance Counter ID Queries [PERFLIB]:    …


Interacting with Data Collector Sets via Powershell

Background: In an earlier post I talked about some new features for Windows 2008 and Vista.  One of those new features that is often overlooked are the data collector sets (DCS).  One particular role that leverages data collector sets is active directory.  Active directory has put “hooks” into tracing that can really take a lot…


Powershell V2 CTP3 released

Been using this internally for the last couple of weeks and have been digging the changes.  Just wanted to put this out here to spread the word.   Happy Holidays.   Technorati Tags: powershell


Check that driver file versions match on all your cluster nodes via Powershell

This is more of a proof of concept, but I’ve used it with success internally.  Take it and do with it what you want.  Many thx to Brandon who did the “heavy lifting” when I got stuck! Overview: Ever run into cluster issues and wanted to see if the driver file versions matched on all…


SET-ACL on registry key

Man it was hard to find info on using set-acl on a registry key!   I was looking for a way to set an ACL that once set would be inherited by child keys and values.    We needed to give “Local Service” full control on the registry key below and have the subkeys inherit the permission. …


Caught the Powershell Bug.

Over the past few months I have fallen in love with PowerShell.   I’ve taken on a new role (starting in mid-October) that will be more focused on automating out administrative tasks via powershell so the focus of this blog might change more towards that subject.  I think the crowd that congregates here are IT admins…