Merge Replication–Web Synchronization with FTP Snapshot

This week I spent a good number of hours to review and assist a Web Synchronization lab setup for a Customer. We tried to look for all possible resources but unfortunately there is almost no Step-by-Step guide available on Web Sync. Thus, thought of making it available on the Web for rest of the world….


Web Application on Merge Publisher?

Problem Statement: Referring back to two my previous posts on Merge Replication with SQL Server, there are few concerns as well with Merge Pub on few specific scenarios such as: – Merge Pub always wins so writing directly on the publisher is not recommended for proper conflict resolution practices – Data issue could fail entire…


Few more Merge Replication Scenarios & Questions….

Centralized DB with Merge Replication: Problem Description – In this scenario Customer wanted to setup a centralized DB with two location offices. They wanted to make sure that location specific data stays either in the particular location or on central server but it should not traverse across other locations. They had location identified in the…


A Merge Replication Scenario..

One of my recent engagements on Merge Replication, I faced a scenario as below diagram: Scenario Details: Single copy of database at the publisher end which is working as the Publisher DB Database is the backend of Custom ERP application. Database size is very small (4-5 GB) They have written custom SP which can write…


SQL–Partition SPLIT takes forever to create new empty partition

  This is one of those recent crazy cases where I was working. Issue Description Customer had a table of 1.5 TB in size with multiple partition (yearly partitioning strategy). Even though Microsoft always recommends that the last partition should be empty, they could not follow the strategy and added data in the last partition…


SQL Create Login Failure (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 15401)

One of our folks was setting up his lab using Virtual Machines and he finished almost everything including setting up DC, Windows Cluster etc. but when he was trying to create an account in SQL Server, he was getting bellow error: After almost a day’s investment, he came back asking what’s next and how to…


Reporting Services 2005 on Windows 2008

With new architectural changes in SQL Server 2008, it’s much easy to use and configure SSRS 2008 on Windows Server 2008 (No need of IIS). But problem comes when people try to install SQL 2005 Reporting Service on top of Windows Server 2008 and particularly x86 on x64 Platform. There are lots of such issues…