Freeing your files means freeing yourself

We’ve all thought it – “I could be so much more productive if I were (insert cool place i.e., local coffee shop, mall, park bench, my living room in fuzzy slippers) instead of handcuffed to my desk or in the midst of yet another meeting.”

Fret not. Microsoft has an app for that, and it’s in the new Office.  It’s called Skydrive, this pretty cool video  tells you all you need to know.  Even better, it’s all free for students for an entire 3 months using SkyDrive.

SkyDrive allows you to work with others across platforms, devices, and Office versions to write papers, prepare presentations, create spreadsheets, and take notes. Multiple people in different places can work on the same document, at the same time. Share only what you want and set the rest to remain private.

SkyDrive is perfect for working together with classmates, co-workers and friends. Just visit to share any file with anyone you choose. Your friends can use free Office Web Apps to view the document and make quick edits—even if they don’t have Office installed.

And best yet, gone are the days of unformatted bullets and mixed up fonts. Office Web Apps are designed to preserve your document’s formatting, which means your friends will be able to view the work you share just the way you intended. They’ll also be able to make changes without messing up the overall look.

Download Office 365 and SkyDrive today. Spring is here. Free yourself.

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