HelpBridge: Helping You Connect, Donate and Volunteer During a Disaster

When disaster strikes, what’s your first move? Many of us are focused on reaching out to those that are most important to us. To help connect people during these times, Microsoft partnered with FEMA and the American Red Cross to launch HelpBridge, a free mobile app that helps people connect with their loved ones as well as donate to those in need during a disaster.

The app, built by Microsoft, aims to connect users with the people and non-profits important to them through the most popular social media channels and communication vehicles.


The app allows users to:

  • Instantly Connect – In the event of a disaster you can send contacts an email or Facebook message with one touch of a button, letting them know you’re ok or that you need help. 
  • Donate – HelpBridge allows you to make donations directly to relief agencies who support disasters – about 10 agencies are preprogrammed into the app. The app also pulls live data on relevant goods needed for those in disaster situations so you can donate appropriate items. 
  • Volunteer – Want to get involved personally? Users can receive alerts of volunteer opportunities in their local area through the app.

HelpBridge also provides geographical information, so in the event that you need help, your mobile device can act as a beacon for rescue workers. HelpBridge is U.S.-based and compatible with Windows Phone, iOS and Android platforms.

Give help. Get help. Connect with loved ones. Download the HelpBridge app here

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