msnNOW Unites Breaking Social Trends from Across the Web in One Place

People have a wide variety of outlets at their disposal when they want in on the hottest conversations taking place throughout the world. Unfortunately whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter or, news is fragmented throughout the Web, and it’s not always easy to stay on top of it. MSN is changing that, and for the first time ever, people can get their news at one, up-to-the-minute, easy stop: msnNOW.

msnNOW looks at breaking social trends all over the Web, including Facebook, Twitter,, and Bing, providing a quick and edgy look at the latest online news– all in one place. Through its exclusive technology that analyzes the most current trends and social conversations, msnNOW identifies the trends and topics that are heating up on the Web, continuously updating the site with fresh content so you don’t miss a thing.

 With access to msnNOW via PC, mobile, tablets, Facebook and Twitter, you can join in the conversation anytime from virtually anywhere.  

 Check it out at  

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