Xbox, Kinect and Justin Bieber? Bing Announces The Top 2011 Searches

This week, Bing announced its 2011 End-of-Year Search Results, which includes the most searched people, news stories and items by Bing users during the past year.  In terms of searches for tops consumer electronics, Xbox and Kinect took first place. Justin Bieber wins honors as the most searched celebrity for 2011, while the Casey Anthony Trial proved to be the most searched news story throughout the year.

The full Top 10 lists for these categories includes the following:

 Top Consumer Electronics:

  1. Xbox and Kinect
  2. Kindle
  3. PlayStation
  4. iPhone 5
  5. iPad
  6. Wii
  7. iPad 2
  8. Nook
  9. Windows Phone 7
  10. Macbook Pro

 Most Searched Celebrity:


  1. Justin Bieber
  2. Kim Kardashian
  3. Jennifer Aniston
  4. Lindsay Lohan
  5. Jennifer Lopez
  6. Britney Spears
  7. Katy Perry
  8. Megan Fox
  9. Lady Gaga
  10. Miley Cyrus

Most Searched News Story:

  1. Casey Anthony Trial
  2. Osama Bin Laden Death
  3. Hurricane Irene
  4. Japan Earthquake/Tsunami
  5. Amy Winehouse Death
  6. Joplin Tornado
  7. Michael Jackson Trial
  8. Sept. 11 10-Year Anniversary
  9. Republican Party Candidates - Herman Cain, Rick Perry
  10. Haiti anniversary

For more information on all the 2011 search data including Top 10 lists for the most searched TV Shows, Movies, Musicians, Athletes, Fashion and more, in addition for predictions for 2012, be sure to check out the full press release as well as  

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