Do You Have an Online Security Blanket?

You are on your computer and browsing the internet, clicking on various links, when suddenly an alert pops up that you are under attack from the latest virus. It’s a familiar situation, one that many computer users  experience on a daily basis. This week, Microsoft released the 11th Security Intelligence Report to provide in-depth insight on software vulnerabilities and exploits, malicious code threats, and potentially unwanted software in Microsoft and third-party software. The report analyzes trends found in more than 100 countries and 600 million systems around the world and offers ways to manage risks to computers, software, organizations,  and individual users.

Findings from the report reveal that 99 percent of attempted attacks impacted vulnerabilities for which an update was available.  Top threats and exploits continue to be delivered to computers through the web, the most common form of infiltration. Because of this, improving security and obtaining new products with better protection is more important than ever. A modern browser, like Internet Explorer 9, is the first line of defense from online threats, helping businesses and consumers alike.

Cloud computing is highly recommended as an extremely effective and low cost resource to manage security updates in a timely manner. Above all, Microsoft advocates education to keep systems up-to-date. To learn more about how to remain safe online, click here

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  1. excellent tips, congratulations

  2. Gregg5 says:

    Security is the chief topic to be concerned with, since it physically holds most of our private information. I've had different (and, terrible) issues with my PC for a gazillion of times. One thing I've learned was to research the market properly, and make informed decisions later. I've been recently following blog, and let me tell you – it can be the review site to either strengthen your skepticism, or actually land an effective solution security-wise for your desktop!

  3. John says:

    Like your post. I think technology should be upgraded in order to combat such isssues.

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