Cambridge Teacher Competes in IEF

Today, 100 educators from across the country are at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Wash.,  to participate in the U.S. Innovative Education Forum (IEF), Microsoft’s premier educator recognition event. These teachers are being celebrated for their innovative use of technology in the classroom, and their creative approaches are making a significant impact on their students as they learn new skills to help them prepare for the future.

One of the teachers participating is Saba Ghole, a high school teacher in Cambridge, Mass. Saba’s students work in teams to investigate topics such as documentary filmmaking, dancing robotics, song production, do‐it‐yourself devices, interactive art, narrative photography, and mobile learning applications. Combining various technologies such as Microsoft Office, Movie Maker, Xbox, Bing, Skype, video cameras, 3D modeling software and social media, students create stories to explore issues affecting people and communities globally, incorporating social, political, technological, and artistic perspectives. By working collaboratively, students develop their creative process and strengthen skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, negotiating in a team and remaining flexible.

IEF is designed to give innovators like Ghole the opportunity to meet top educators from around the country who are similarly passionate about improving education by infusing technology into the classroom. They are contending to move on to a bigger opportunity to compete and collaborate with educators from around the world at the Partners in Learning Global Forum in Washington, D.C., Nov. 6 to Nov.11.

At Microsoft, we understand the importance of a strong education and we are so inspired by these teachers who are changing the face of learning as we know it. Good luck to Ghole and the rest of the participating teachers!

To find out more about IEF and what teachers will experience, please check out the Official Microsoft Blog here.

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