Boston’s Barefoot for a Cause

On Tuesday April 5, employees at our Northeast office "walked the walk" in the rain completely barefoot to experience what those less fortunate than us go through when they don't have shoes. We're proud that the various sales, marketing and services teams across the East Region also participated in this great initiative. Check out some pictures from our Waltham office below!

 The event, "One Day Without Shoes" benefitted TOMS Shoes, an amazing company that donates one pair of shoes to a child in need every time a pair is purchased.

 Many of us have not one, but numerous pairs of shoes. We likely take for granted that citizens of many third world countries are in desperate need of a single pair. And, think of how that impacts children who aren't allowed to go to school without shoes. Even more, millions of children who grow up without shoes are at greater risk of disease and infection. With that in mind, we're so grateful to have participated in this event to bring awareness to the millions of people who are in need.




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