The best and brightest in tech gather in Redmond for annual MVP Global Summit

Tech nerds assemble! The concentration of technology geeks is usually heavy here in Boston with NERD and our Northeast offices. This week, however, we may be outnumbered. The Redmond campus is hosting the largest customer event of the year, Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Global Summit. This nerd mecca attracts approximately 1,500 of the most elite in technology, including more than 25 from right here in Mass. They descend upon Redmond to meet with Microsoft executives and product groups to provide valuable feedback, engage in hundreds of technical sessions, and deepen existing relationships.  

Of 100 million technical community participants worldwide, only about 4,000 are MVPs. In essence, these individuals are nominated for the MVP Award based on their contributions during the previous year to offline or online technical communities, such as public forums, user groups, blogs and social media sites. MVPs reside in more than 90 countries, speak nearly 40 languages, and share their expertise in close to 90 Microsoft technologies.

The Summit is a great way to engage with our MVPs who are engaged in these technical communities all year long and have a solid grasp on the customer experience. Not only do the MVPs provide us with objective and critical feedback to help us improve our solutions for our customers, but they are truly passionate about sharing their excitement and knowledge with others, helping people to make the most of their technologies.

We're so excited to host them in Redmond this week. To find out more about the Summit and Microsoft's MVP Award Program, check out the News Center blog today!

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