Veterans Inc. of Worcester Receives Award to Help Veterans Get Jobs

Yesterday morning in New York City, Microsoft announced six grant recipient organizations, including Veterans Inc. of Worcester, Mass., as part of the Elevate America Veterans program to help veterans acclimate back into civilian life. The grant will provide veterans with technology skills training, job placement, career counseling, and other support services such as childcare, transportation, and housing.  

The average unemployment rate for veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan is 16 percent higher than non-veterans, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. And with more than half of today’s jobs requiring some technology skill, the odds are stacked against veterans searching for gainful employment. With all of the challenges veterans face when returning from overseas, Microsoft is dedicated to assist veterans with the support they need to successfully transition back into civilian careers.

Through the grant, Veterans Inc. will expand its employment and training programs to touch more veterans in the greater Massachusetts area. Through career counseling, education, training, job placement, one-on-one case management and support services, Veterans Inc. and its partners prepare veterans for successful re-entry into the civilian workplace and high demand occupations such as green jobs, computer specialists and healthcare.

As we honor the men and women who have made this country great, Microsoft believes giving them the tools to succeed in the workforce is the least they can do for their sacrifices. To find out more information on the Elevate America Veterans initiative, visit

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