Kinect for Xbox 360 – Check it out!

Microsoft just released its new gaming system for Xbox 360 – Kinect. This hands free experience brings games, movies and music to life without using a controller. Instead, the sound of your voice or wave of your hand puts you in the action. Boston Globe technology reporter Hiawatha Bray recently connected with Kinect and called it Microsoft’s “most innovative product in years.”

How does it work? Kinect has infrared and color cameras, along with microphones, that create a digital profile and follow all of your movements. Along with many games such as Dance Central and Kinect Adventures, the Kinect can also deliver movies, music and even video chats with friends thanks to integration with Windows Live Messenger.  Hiawatha Bray said Microsoft is “taking the lead” in gesture-based technologies, but don’t take our word for it.

If you are craving more info about Kinect, check out Hiawatha’s article here or visit And remember the holidays are just around the corner!

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