What Does Windows Azure Cloud Computing REALLY Cost + How to SAVE (31 Days of Windows Servers (VMs) in the Cloud – Part 15 of 31)

So far we have spent the first fourteen days of the 31 Days of Windows Servers (VMs) in the Cloud Series discussing some of the technical features of Windows Azure, but we haven’t really discussed the cost.  In today’s post, my colleague Dan Stolts does just that.  I’d bet the extremely low cost of Windows Azure will surprise you! 

STEP 1 – Sign up for a FREE 90 Day Trial Windows Azure account and start your journey to learning

STEP 2 – Download an evaluation copy of System Center 2012 for your lab to get familiar with App Controller and the other components of System Center 2012

STEP 3 – Sign up for a FREE Microsoft Virtual Academy eLearning account to take FREE TRAINING on Windows Azure and System Center 2012 at your own pace

STEP 4 – Catch up on this blog series on Windows Azure IaaS by remembering the shortened URL https://aka.ms/IaaSSeries and come back at your leisure

The direct link to this blog article is here


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