The Windows 8 Store is OPEN

OK, so I know most of my readers are IT Pros, but it’s important to know that the Windows 8 Store is now open for business to accept Windows 8 applications.  Anyone who writes apps or is interested in writing Windows 8 apps are now able to get their Windows 8 Store account and submit any type of application to make it into the store.

If you are a indeed a Developer, it’s important to note that apps submitted to the store must be done so from a machine running Windows 8 RTM and Visual Studio 2012 RTM, as the Release Preview/Release Candidate versions of Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 are not allowed to submit apps to the Windows Store.  Those of you like myself that are already running Windows 8, that shouldn’t be a big deal. 

If you’re looking for support as you dive into developing in Windows 8 apps for the first time, there’s a Generation App program going on called 30 to Launch which has a week-by-week syllabus of resources, articles, videos, and more to help you build an app in 30 days. What’s nice is that there’s also some free phone support for technical questions or design review for your app (while they last.)

The full article from the Building Windows 8 Blog announcing the opening can be found here.



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