Windows Server 2012 Launch Event in NYC on September 5th

Come join us on Wednesday September 5th as we launch Windows Server 2012 in NYC!  Generally available on September 4th, Windows Server 2012 is the latest and greatest version of Windows Server and is optimized for the cloud.  With many enhancements and new features, Windows Server 2012 is a giant leap forward for server OS’s in general and changes the game in the area of virtualization and much, much more. 

As part of the Cloud OS Signature Series, we will launch Windows Server 2012 in grand style by showing off the latest features of this OS plus, give those folks who are interested in doing Hands-On-Labs, a chance to play with this brand new OS.

This event is a three-track event, being broken down into a track for the IT Executive, the IT Professional and Developers.  I’ll be running the IT Pro track along with a community expert (or two) and you’ll see content and demos on many features of Windows Server 2012 including Hyper-V over SMB, Hyper-V Replica, Hyper-V Share nothing and more.  For those of you who are interested in doing Hands-On-Labs, you can bring your own computer (laptop preferred) with the pre-setup configuration from the link below under the IT Professional track.  Also, there will be a session on Windows Azure IaaS where I’ll provide an overview of Microsoft’s entry into the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) market and show the best way to run VM’s in the cloud.

Download a copy of Windows Server 2012 here
Get a FREE Windows Azure IaaS trial here

To learn more about this event or register, go to the Cloud OS Signature Series website at

I hope to see everyone there!


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