VMs in the cloud today–FREE Windows Azure 90 Day Pass

Last month I did a long blog post on the many new features of Windows Azure and all of the features now available for the IT Pro.  I’ve been using the Windows Azure Preview features extensively lately preparing for events and an upcoming how-to blog post on this exact topic.  In the meantime, one thing that I noticed that I neglected to put on that blog post was a way to get access to this plethora of features.  Windows Azure offers a FREE 90 day trial, so here it is http://www.microsoft.com/click/services/Redirect2.ashx?CR_CC=200120077.

As you will see from the site, the free trial contains:

  • Compute - 750 small compute hours per month**
  • Web sites 10 Shared Web Sites***
  • Relational Database - 1 Database Unit of SQL Database****
  • Storage - 35GB with 50,000,000 storage transactions
  • Bandwidth - Unlimited inbound / 20GB Outbound

And let’s not forget the many VMs that you can create or upload and RDP to directly.

Check back soon for more details on how to do this, but in the meantime, you can try it for yourself.


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