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So one of the great things about web-based applications is that when we add features, you get to take advantage of them right away.  I’ve kept you abreast on most of the changes that have happened after the release of Office Web Apps over a year ago with a post here on adding AutoSum and additional sheets in Excel and here on adding Co-Authoring functionality in Word Web App where two users can edit the same document simultaneously .  In the Office Web Apps’ team quest to continually improve this suite of products, more features have just appeared that I’d recommend you check out. 


With the Web-based version of Excel being essentially version 2 (the Web-based Excel Services first appeared in SharePoint 2007 as a read-only solution), this product seems to be regularly getting the deepest features.  For example, due to the sheer amount of feedback requesting enhanced cell formatting, they have added both Autofit and the ability to merge cells.

Merge and AutoFit cells

The ability to print directly from Excel Web App has also been an oft-requested feature, so your request has now been answered!  Printing is now just a click away.


Finally, the ability to right-click within Excel Web App and get access to those frequently used short-cuts that you’re used to in Excel for the desktop is now here!

Context menu

Other Features and Improvements

One of the coolest tools I used to use all the time when I carried a Windows Tablet computer full time (my old Tablet currently has the Windows 8 Developer Preview on it) was using OneNote to essentially do white boarding when connected to a projector.  In addition to all the greatness of OneNote, this one was really a favorite of mine.  Well, if you do have a Windows tablet (yes, there are lots of them out there), OneNote Web App now supports Ink display where you can draw, hand write notes, etc.  Very cool stuff!

OneNote Web App ink display

Finally, and maybe most importantly, the Office Web Apps team is constantly doing behind-the-scenes improvements that are less visible to you and I.  In an ongoing effort to continue to improve the speed and reliability of Office Web Apps, this most recent update includes lots of improvements in both of these areas.  Check them out at


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