Office 365 Partner Guide and slides from the 8/4/11 Office 365 Presentation at NYEWIN

Throughout the recent months at both the Cloud Computing Firestarter event series and various community events, I’ve had many, many questions from partners, prospective partners and even resellers of competitive cloud platforms about becoming an Office 365 partner/reseller.  I’ve frequently discussed the financial benefits of the partner program where customers pay the same amount for Office 365 regardless of whether it’s sold by Microsoft or a partner, yet the partner received a monthly annuity payment from Microsoft for as long as that customer uses the service.  I’ve also pointed them to the Office 365 website to get more information and sign up for the program.  Well I now have a fantastic resource that I can share to give partners a comprehensive getting started guide to Office 365.  This document, authored by folks from Microsoft Denmark is a Getting Started with Office 365 package that provides many relevant links for e-learning, documentation and much more.  You can download this guide here.

Also, for those of you who attended the outstanding presentation on Office 365 by my good friend and colleague Angi Livermore, you can find the slide deck for download here.  For those of you who missed it, the entire audience gave Angi rave reviews on the session and kept asking for more!  My peer on the developer side Bill Zach, and one of the founders of NYEWIN even commented to me that he’s seen Office 365 Presentations before, but that was the best by far!  Angi’s planning on doing a continuation of this session at the NY Enterprise Windows User’s Group in the near future, so stay tuned.


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