Internet Explorer 9 Released!

Late last night Internet Explorer 9 was released to the web (RTW) and can be downloaded here.

In case you haven’t run the IE9 Beta (40 million people downloaded it making it the most popular Beta browser of all time) or aren’t familiar with it, let me provide some context.  IE9 is fast!  Multiple independent reviews show over and over that IE9 is the fastest browser.  Period.  How does it do this?  Well, it’s the first browser to use the full power of your PC to accelerate Web site performance. And IE9 is a seamless extension of the Windows 7 experience. For example, with IE9 you can attach Web sites to your taskbar and access them just like you access applications, and you can “snap” individual IE9 tabs to the sides of your display.  People love this in Windows 7! 

The lines of IE9 are clean and the search bar has been fully integrated into the navigation pane, so type the URL or type what you’re searching for, you’ll get there blazing fast with IE9.

For those of you IT Pro’s interested in learning about deployments of IE9, application compatibility, etc. Check out the IE 9 Tech Center for IT Pros.

It’s a whole new world with IE9, I urge you to check it out at

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