User Group attendees – I need your help filling out a quick survey

Hello to all my User Group attendees!  I have a quick end-of-the-Microsoft-fiscal-year request to get us feedback on your experience with Microsoft.  Since it’s the end of a Microsoft fiscal year, this is when we take the opportunity to look back on where we did well and of course where we need to do better.  FUNNY THING (OK maybe not funny, but I have your attention now,) if you don’t send us your thoughts on how we did/are doing, it’s impossible for us to focus our efforts in the areas THAT YOU THINK it would help the most.  Microsoft truly cares about these surveys and the budgets for our next fiscal year that we invest in our programs will in part be based on feedback from these surveys.   We’re requesting that you give us that candid feedback you were thinking but maybe didn’t choose to give us previously.  Please click on the below link and send us some feedback!

Thanks so much for participating, we really do appreciate your point of view and insight on these topics.;en;1734&showpage=1&altStyle=narrow&renderOption=OverrideDefault&sd=msft

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