Please stand clear of the doors…

On behalf of the cast of the Microsoft Kingdom, welcome to my blog!!  (Forgive the cheesy Disney rip off, but just hearing that makes me smile…)  Anyhoo, my goal here is to share with the greater NY Metro IT Pro Community what I think is relevant technical information on Microsoft’s Core Infrastructure platform products and more.  Expect to see technical “How to’s”, news on local User Groups in the NY Metro Area, and upcoming seminars that feature the latest information on various components of the Microsoft Platform, and definitely some other fund stuff thrown in.  From Windows to MOSS to Exchange, you’re bound to find this useful and amusing.  You can also follow me on twitter – just search on bobhms.

Who the heck am I and why should you care?  Well I’m a lifetime resident of NY who’s been enamored with technology for well over 30 years and in the workforce almost 20 of them.  I’m new to the East Region DPE team and I was recently on Microsoft’s EPG Technical Sales team for the past 5 years educating customers in the NY Metro area on our Unified Communications and Microsoft Exchange technologies.  I spent nearly 10 years in infrastructure consulting prior to coming to Microsoft and have over 14 years of experience with Microsoft Exchange since prior to its initial release, so you can expect to see a heavy dose of Exchange content going forward.

Topic of the week – the iPad (how could I not…)

So what a week to start a blog, a week when the fruit company in California does a product launch.  I certainly get the iPhone and give kudos to the product as it was clearly a revolutionary product and continues to be a market leader.  I give credit where credit is due, and that is clearly the case with the iPhone.  I’ve followed the hype on the iPad and read articles on what it “could” be and what Steve Jobs wants it to be, read the article in the Wall Street Journal on it last week on how he wants to change the industry and all that, and then the launch happens.  I watched some of the live video feed from the launch and I came away confused and underwhelmed.  Clearly there is nothing revolutionary in the product at launch and it seems to be no more than putting a check mark next to having a Kindle/Netbook/Tablet product in the market.  I get the whole idea of the right size device to carry around from a form factor perspective, but what I don’t get is no keyboard, no Flash for web browsing (the best Internet Browsing experience – REALLY??), and it’s really not the beautiful revolutionary hardware we’re used to seeing from the fruit company in California.  I consider myself a very open minded person having worked with many platforms in my years in IT and this one I just don’t get.  Now like the other 3 things that the fruit company sells, I’m sure it will be a successful product from a sales perspective but I cant’ help but wonder if it’s missing the mark from a technology perspective.  I really wasn’t expecting an oversized iPhone, I was expecting something revolutionary and there’s really nothing new here that hasn’t been done before and arguably MUCH better on the Microsoft Win7 tablet platform.  Maybe we were too early into the market for once, but this is clearly the time for people to understand that what has been available in the Windows tablet form factor for years is well beyond what they haven’t even sold yet.  Definitely an opportunity to do some homework on what’s already out there me thinks.

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