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Dynamics CRM in the Field Website | RSS Feed Move data from Dynamics CRM via PowerShell to Power BI - 31-Mar-2016 What does a Dynamics CRM Administrator do? - 28-Mar-2016


The Microsoft Blog Website | RSS Feed Build 2016: Conversational intelligence, new innovations for Windows 10 and cloud tools for all developers — Weekend Reading: April 1 edition - 01-Apr-2016 Microsoft Build: The top 10 reasons Day 2 rocked the developer world - 31-Mar-2016 BMW releases new digital mobility experience based on platform using Microsoft Azure - 31-Mar-2016 Build 2016: Announcing tomorrow’s cloud innovations for today’s developers - 31-Mar-2016 Microsoft Build: The top 10 reasons Day 1 rocked it for developers - 30-Mar-2016

Channel9 on MSDN Website | RSS Feed GoingNative 49: Awesome Tools in Update 2 and VS "15" Preview | C9::GoingNative - 01-Apr-2016 Maker? Hacker? HackerBoxes - 01-Apr-2016 LIVE from Build 2016 | Visual Studio Toolbox - 31-Mar-2016 "Drawing using Kinect v2" - 31-Mar-2016 Running Bash on Ubuntu on Windows! | Build 2016 - 30-Mar-2016 Coding4Fun First Quarter 2016 Round-Up - 30-Mar-2016 Build 2016: Before the Big Event - 29-Mar-2016 Students: Get the most out of Build 2016 - 29-Mar-2016 GoingNative 48: ISOC++ @Jacksonville Debriefing | C9::GoingNative - 29-Mar-2016 Designing Universal Windows Platform apps - 28-Mar-2016 Juval Lowy on Microservices - 28-Mar-2016 Web Extension Pack | Visual Studio Toolbox - 28-Mar-2016 Defrag Tools #157 - Energy Estimation Engine (E3) | Defrag Tools - 28-Mar-2016 Build Week! - 28-Mar-2016 Last Week on Channel 9: March 21st - March 27th, 2016 - 28-Mar-2016

Industry Solutions

Education UK Higher Education Website | RSS Feed How important is the Student Timetable Experience at University? - 01-Apr-2016 Increasing collaboration and productivity through Unified Communications – Microsoft @ UC Expo 2016 - 30-Mar-2016

Education UK Schools Website | RSS Feed Sevenoaks School Science & Innovation Week – Gerald Haigh explores STEM learning - 31-Mar-2016 Increasing collaboration and productivity through Unified Communications – Microsoft @ UC Expo 2016 - 30-Mar-2016 A teacher’s view – OneNote Class Notebook is the top app in my classroom - 29-Mar-2016

Education UK Teachers K12 Website | RSS Feed Student ports Minecraft to micro:bit ?? - 01-Apr-2016 Student ports Minecraft to micro:bit ?? - 01-Apr-2016

Microsoft in Education Website | RSS Feed Giraffes in the classroom? Watch the virtual adventure on ABC TV’s Born to Explore. - 01-Apr-2016 Nurturing Young Entrepreneurs: The 2016 Global Enterprise Challenge - 31-Mar-2016 Office on the iPad: Syncing, Inking and Critical Thinking - 29-Mar-2016 Office on the iPad: Syncing, Inking and Critical Thinking - 29-Mar-2016

Microsoft Online Services

Office 365 for business Website | RSS Feed What’s new in Office add-ins + IT admin and deployment updates - 01-Apr-2016

Office Applications

Deployment Support Website | RSS Feed Changes to monthly Public Updates schedule for MSI-based updates - 29-Mar-2016

Office Sustained Engineering Website | RSS Feed Upcoming change to the release schedule for non-security updates - 28-Mar-2016

Product Support

Ask Premier Field Engineering - PFE Platforms Website | RSS Feed Using Power BI to Create KPI Reports from System Center Operations Manager - 28-Mar-2016

Microsoft Azure Website | RSS Feed New features for Azure diagnostics and Azure Audit logs - 01-Apr-2016 Performance testing with App Service Continuous Deployment - 01-Apr-2016 Microsoft database teams host Ask Me Anything session - 01-Apr-2016 New features for Azure Alerts and Autoscale - 31-Mar-2016 Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer preview: March update - 31-Mar-2016 What’s new in Azure Developer Tools and Services - 31-Mar-2016 Announcing the Visual Studio Azure Tools and SDK 2.9 - 31-Mar-2016 Developer Analytics Tools for Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 - 31-Mar-2016 New diagnostics and analytics capabilities in Application Insights - 31-Mar-2016 DocumentDB goes planet scale with global databases, new pricing and more developer choices - 31-Mar-2016 Announcing the Preview of Storage Service Encryption for Data at Rest - 31-Mar-2016 Automatically remediate Azure VM alerts with Automation runbooks - 31-Mar-2016 Introducing Azure Functions - 31-Mar-2016 Enabling the Motion Picture Association of America in Azure - 30-Mar-2016 Debugging ARM template deployments - 30-Mar-2016 Announcing Splunk Enterprise on Azure Marketplace - 30-Mar-2016 Azure PowerShell 1.3.0 – PowerShell Gallery installation improvements - 30-Mar-2016 Public preview of Azure SQL Database Temporal Tables - 30-Mar-2016 Preview of Linux on Azure Batch - 30-Mar-2016 Announcing template export feature in Azure Resource Manager - 30-Mar-2016 Announcing Xamarin SDK, Unity SDK and open APIs for Azure Mobile Engagement - 29-Mar-2016 Announcing the publication of Parse Server with Azure Managed Services - 29-Mar-2016 Microsoft brings the familiarity of R to the scalability of Hadoop and Spark in the Cloud - 29-Mar-2016 Open source cryptography: Cracking history’s toughest code - 29-Mar-2016 Big Compute team at Build and NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference - 28-Mar-2016 Update your FreeBSD 10.1 and 10.2 in Azure - 28-Mar-2016

Research and Labs

Microsoft Research News and Headlines Website | RSS Feed Decades of computer vision research helps the blind community - 30-Mar-2016 Can the Micro Bit inspire a million? - 29-Mar-2016

Microsoft Research Machine Translation Website | RSS Feed Microsoft Translator brings end-to-end speech translation to everyone with the world’s first Speech Translation API - 30-Mar-2016

Microsoft Research Publications Website | RSS Feed Efficient Queue Management for Cluster Scheduling - 01-Apr-2016 Automatic Discovery of Attribute Synonyms Using Query Logs and Table Corpora - 01-Apr-2016 Where Can I Buy a Boulder? Searching for Offline Retail Locations - 01-Apr-2016 Optimizing Distributed Actor Systems for Dynamic Interactive Services - 01-Apr-2016 Did You Say U2 or Youtube? Inferring Implicit Transcripts from Voice Search Logs - 01-Apr-2016 TPC: Target-Driven Parallelism Combining Prediction and Correction to Reduce Tail Latency in Interactive Services - 01-Apr-2016 Predicting Post-Operative Visual Acuity for LASIK Surgeries - 01-Apr-2016 A DNA-Based Archival Storage System - 01-Apr-2016 Accuracy of depth-sensing recordings in classifying Expanded Disability Status Scale subscores of motor dysfuntion in patients with multiple sclerosis - 01-Apr-2016 Author2Vec: Learning Author Representations by Combining Content and Link Information - 01-Apr-2016 High-Density Image Storage Using Approximate Memory Cells - 01-Apr-2016 Query-Less: Predicting Task Repetition for NextGen Proactive Search and Recommendation Engines - 01-Apr-2016 Exploring limits to prediction in complex social systems: Predicting cascade size on Twitter - 01-Apr-2016 Modeling a Retweet Network via an Adaptive Bayesian Approach - 01-Apr-2016

Software and Web Development

Visual Studio Team Blog Website | RSS Feed A Vision For Visual Studio “15”: Take on Dependencies. Stay Productive. - 01-Apr-2016 Faster, Leaner, Focused on Your Development Needs: The New Visual Studio Installer - 01-Apr-2016 Mobile App Development made easy with Visual Studio and Xamarin - 31-Mar-2016 Build Ionic Apps in Minutes with VS Code - 30-Mar-2016 Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 RTM - 30-Mar-2016 Visual Studio “15” Preview Now Available - 30-Mar-2016

Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server Blog Website | RSS Feed Team Foundation Server Extensions - 31-Mar-2016 Using the New Exception Helper in Visual Studio “15” Preview - 31-Mar-2016 Break on Exceptions Thrown only from Specific Modules in Visual Studio “15” Preview - 31-Mar-2016 Release Management in TFS 2015 Update 2 - 31-Mar-2016 What’s new in Git for Windows 2.8? - 31-Mar-2016 Executing Automated tests in Build vNext using Test Plan, Test Suites - 31-Mar-2016 New Build 2016 Partner Extensions in the Visual Studio Team Services Marketplace - 30-Mar-2016 Updates for Debugging Installed App Packages in Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 - 30-Mar-2016 Visual Studio Team Services announces the newest release of our Eclipse Plugin: Team Explorer Everywhere (TEE) 14.0.3 - 29-Mar-2016 Implement Rollback with Release Management for TFS 2015 - 28-Mar-2016

Team Foundation Server Setup Support Website | RSS Feed Build and Deploy Azure Web Apps using Team Foundation Server/Services vNext Builds. - 01-Apr-2016

Premier Support for Developers Website | RSS Feed Watch the BUILD 2016 Live Stream - 29-Mar-2016

Software and Web Development Cloud Computing

Windows Azure Storage Team Blog Website | RSS Feed (Cross Post) Announcing the preview of Azure Storage Service Encryption for data at rest - 31-Mar-2016 (Cross-Post) Build 2016: Azure Storage announcements - 31-Mar-2016

Systems Center Systems Management

System Center Website | RSS Feed Deep dive: Automation Community Gallery in Operations Management Suite - 29-Mar-2016

System Center Configuration Manager Website | RSS Feed Exploring your System Center Configuration Manager and Microsoft Intune (Hybrid) data on Power BI Dashboard - 01-Apr-2016 Now Available: An Update for the System Center Configuration Manager Upgrade Assessment Tool - 31-Mar-2016 Announcement – System Center Monitoring Pack Update for System Center Configuration Manager - 30-Mar-2016

System Center Configuration Manager Support Website | RSS Feed New update to the System Center Monitoring Pack for System Center Configuration Manager - 30-Mar-2016 Understanding and troubleshooting the Software Update Management process in Microsoft Configuration Manager - 29-Mar-2016 How to troubleshoot Software Update Management problems in Microsoft Configuration Manager - 29-Mar-2016 New guide for troubleshooting Software Update Management problems in Microsoft Configuration Manager - 29-Mar-2016

System Center Operations Manager Website | RSS Feed Updates to Microsoft Azure Management Pack - 28-Mar-2016 System Center Management Pack for Windows 10 Client Operating System - 28-Mar-2016 Introducing WebHook support for OMS Alerts – aka cool integration with Slack and other tools - 28-Mar-2016

Unified Communications

Microsoft Exchange Website | RSS Feed Important notice for Office 365 email customers who have configured connectors - 29-Mar-2016


Remote Desktop Services formerly Terminal Services Website | RSS Feed Remote Desktop Client Preview for Mac supports multiple monitors and more - 30-Mar-2016

Windows Virtualization Website | RSS Feed //build 2016 Container Announcements: Hyper-V Containers and Windows 10 and PowerShell For Docker! - 01-Apr-2016

Windows Phone

Windows Phone Developer Website | RSS Feed Announcing New Dev Center Capabilities to Increase App Revenue and Streamline Management - 31-Mar-2016 Run Bash on Ubuntu on Windows - 30-Mar-2016 Windows 10 Anniversary SDK is bringing exciting opportunities to developers - 30-Mar-2016

Windows Server and Infrastructure

Platforms Performance Website | RSS Feed AskPerf Blog transition… - 28-Mar-2016

Storage Website | RSS Feed Quick Survey: Your plans for WS 2016 block replication and Azure - 01-Apr-2016 Data Deduplication in Windows Server 2016 - 01-Apr-2016

Windows Server Division Website | RSS Feed Zero to SDN in under five minutes, Part 2 - 29-Mar-2016

Windows Systems Management

Scripting Hey Scripting Guys Website | RSS Feed Use PowerShell 5.0 to create temporary files in the temp folder - 31-Mar-2016 Use PowerShell 5 to empty the recycle bin - 30-Mar-2016 Using the new PowerShell ISE transcript tool - 29-Mar-2016 Considerations when writing a PowerShell blog - 28-Mar-2016

PowerShell Team Blog Website | RSS Feed Bash for Windows: Why it’s awesome and what it means for PowerShell - 01-Apr-2016


Extreme Windows Blog Website | RSS Feed Windows Store Weekly: your must-read for the best titles to enjoy this weekend - 01-Apr-2016 The Engadget app for Windows 10 is here - 01-Apr-2016 The Future of Pen: Windows Ink - 30-Mar-2016 Windows 10 Anniversary Update brings New Experiences and Developer Opportunity - 30-Mar-2016 Meet Quantum Break’s All-star Cast - 29-Mar-2016 Killer Instinct: Season 3 Launches on Windows 10 - 29-Mar-2016 Build 2016 day 1 and 2 keynotes now available to watch on-demand - 28-Mar-2016

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