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Dynamics CRM in the Field Website | RSS Feed
Podcast and Overview: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Update 0.1 - 23-Feb-2016

Microsoft Dynamics AX Support Website | RSS Feed
Announcing new LCS feature – Latest Kernels - 26-Feb-2016
EHF – eInvoice for Norway – DAX 2012 – setup Reviewed 31012016 - 22-Feb-2016


Accessibility Website | RSS Feed
Making Windows 10 and Office 365 more accessible: Our path forward - 24-Feb-2016

Environment Software Enabled Earth Website | RSS Feed
Welcoming Jim Hanna as Director of Datacenter Sustainability - 22-Feb-2016

The Microsoft Blog Website | RSS Feed
Mobile World Congress, Bing’s Guide to the Academy Awards and Xamarin acquisition — Weekend Reading: Feb. 26 edition - 26-Feb-2016
Progress Report: Enterprise security for our mobile-first, cloud-first world - 25-Feb-2016
Microsoft to acquire Xamarin and empower more developers to build apps on any device - 24-Feb-2016
You’re invited: Participate in Pegasus II, an Internet of Things experiment to the edge of space - 22-Feb-2016

Channel9 on MSDN Website | RSS Feed
How Azure ML Helped Predict the Results of the NCAA "March Madness" Tournament - 26-Feb-2016
Azure Scheduler 101 - Q4 2015 Update | Azure Friday - 26-Feb-2016
Azure Scheduler 102 - Q4 2015 Update | Azure Friday - 26-Feb-2016
ASP.NET Core Authentication with Pranav Rastogi - 25-Feb-2016
DevIntersection Spring 2016 CountDown Show #4 with Scott Hunter | The DEVintersection Countdown Show - 25-Feb-2016
The Maker Show: Episode 4 - Building and Printing a 3D Model to Fit a Real Component | The Maker Show - 25-Feb-2016
"Gaming for the greater good" - 25-Feb-2016
A Different Kind of Toy Story | Codemash 2016 - 24-Feb-2016
Top 10 Xamarin Videos - 24-Feb-2016
Template 10 for Windows 10 Apps | Visual Studio Toolbox - 24-Feb-2016
The Ops Team #014 - "did we name this one?" | The Ops Team - 24-Feb-2016
Machine Learning for Muggles | Web Hack Wednesday - 24-Feb-2016
Building the VR Web with A-Frame | Just A/VR Show - 23-Feb-2016
Understanding Surface Power Management with Modern Standby in Windows 10 | Microsoft Mechanics - 23-Feb-2016
DevIntersection Spring 2016 CountDown Show #3 with Doug Seven | The DEVintersection Countdown Show - 23-Feb-2016
Episode 9 - What Makes a Controller? | ASP.NET Monsters - 23-Feb-2016
Tuesdays with Corey: RedHat Images, Azure Container Services and Images with Bitnami | Tuesdays With Corey - 23-Feb-2016
Defrag Tools #154 - Memory Footprint and Leaks | Defrag Tools - 22-Feb-2016
Game Templates, Construct 2 - 22-Feb-2016
Last Week on Channel 9: February 15th - February 21st, 2016 - 22-Feb-2016

Industry Solutions

Education UK Higher Education Website | RSS Feed
OneNote in Education eBook – Chapter 2: OneNote Class Notebook - 25-Feb-2016
OneNote in Education eBook – Chapter 1: What is OneNote? - 23-Feb-2016

Education UK Schools Website | RSS Feed
Get Rolling with Raspberry Pi and Windows 10 in 5 Minutes - 26-Feb-2016
OneNote in Education eBook – Chapter 2: OneNote Class Notebook - 25-Feb-2016
Project collaboration and communication with Sway - 24-Feb-2016
OneNote in Education eBook – Chapter 1: What is OneNote? - 23-Feb-2016
Guest Post – Learning Possibilities: Measuring success on LP+365 at Townhill Junior School - 22-Feb-2016

Education UK Teachers K12 Website | RSS Feed
What’s in a name? Learn to code with Minecraft - 25-Feb-2016

Microsoft in Education Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft and helping teachers connect with Open Educational Resources - 26-Feb-2016
Introducing E² Online: Your ticket to attending the E² Global Educator Exchange - 25-Feb-2016
5 ways to motivate different kinds of students with digital learning tools - 22-Feb-2016

Microsoft Learning

Microsoft Press Website | RSS Feed
Free ebook: Deploying Windows 10: Automating deployment by using System Center Configuration Manager - 23-Feb-2016
Troubleshooting Windows 10 - 23-Feb-2016
Announcing the Microsoft Press User Group Program - 22-Feb-2016
ebook deal of the week: Enterprise Mobility with App Management, Office 365, and Threat Mitigation: Beyond BYOD - 22-Feb-2016

Microsoft Online Services

Office 365 for business Website | RSS Feed
Turbocharge your productivity with CIE webcasts! - 23-Feb-2016

Office 365 technology Website | RSS Feed
February Office 365 updates - 25-Feb-2016
New security management and transparency capabilities coming to Office 365 - 25-Feb-2016
Be more productive with new Office 365 training - 24-Feb-2016
Accessibility in Office 365—progress in 2015 and plans for 2016 - 22-Feb-2016

Office Applications

Office Excel and Excel Services Website | RSS Feed
6 new Excel functions that simplify your formula editing experience - 23-Feb-2016

Office Outlook Website | RSS Feed
Outlook hopes to fill the hole Mailbox left in your heart - 26-Feb-2016
Collaborating in schools and universities with Office 365 Groups - 23-Feb-2016

Partner and Customer Resources

Microsoft Valuable Professional MVP Award Program Website | RSS Feed
Here’s to #FridayFive and a Great Weekend! - 26-Feb-2016

Product Support

Ask Premier Field Engineering - PFE Platforms Website | RSS Feed
DSC for the PFE: A Training Montage - 22-Feb-2016

Windows Azure Website | RSS Feed
Application Insights: Powershell script available for creating Release Annotations - 25-Feb-2016
OMS TECH Friday Skype sessions - 25-Feb-2016
Azure Security Center adds new partners, detections, and more - 25-Feb-2016
Resize virtual machines - 24-Feb-2016
Execute JavaScript transactions and manage JSON data with Azure DocumentDB - 24-Feb-2016
Introducing the Visual Studio Connected Service for Azure IoT Hub - 24-Feb-2016
Logic Apps Preview Refresh released - 24-Feb-2016
Cloud Foundry on Azure support for Diego and open source service brokers - 22-Feb-2016

Research and Labs

Microsoft Research News and Headlines Website | RSS Feed
Untangling airports using open source tools on Microsoft Azure - 24-Feb-2016
Yong Rui wins IEEE Computer Society 2016 Technical Achievement Award - 22-Feb-2016
Participate in Pegasus II: Real-time Internet of Things experiment from the edge of space - 22-Feb-2016

Microsoft Research Machine Translation Website | RSS Feed
Introducing the Multilingual App Toolkit v4.0 - 24-Feb-2016

Microsoft Research Publications Website | RSS Feed
Flamingo: Enabling Evolvable HDD-based Near-Line Storage - 22-Feb-2016

Software and Web Development

Windows App Store Website | RSS Feed
An Update on the Developer Opportunity and Windows 10 - 25-Feb-2016
Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 14267 Released - 24-Feb-2016
Improvements to Windows Store apps and games visibility - 22-Feb-2016
Windows App Studio February 2016 update – agenda layout, searching in apps, and other new features - 22-Feb-2016

Visual Studio Team Blog Website | RSS Feed
Top news from January 2016 - 25-Feb-2016
Develop ReactNative apps in Visual Studio Code - 22-Feb-2016

Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server Blog Website | RSS Feed
Running Apache JMeter based load tests in the cloud – how to - 26-Feb-2016
Pull Request integration in IntelliJ and Android Studio - 24-Feb-2016

Premier Support for Developers Website | RSS Feed
US Workshops, Webcasts, and Tech Talks – February 2016 Update - 26-Feb-2016

SQL and Business Intelligence

SQL Release Services Website | RSS Feed
Cumulative Update #5 for SQL Server 2014 SP1 - 22-Feb-2016
Cumulative Update #12 for SQL Server 2014 RTM - 22-Feb-2016

Systems Center Systems Management

System Center Website | RSS Feed
New security capabilities in Operations Management Suite - 25-Feb-2016
How OMS and Azure reduce disaster recovery costs - 24-Feb-2016

System Center Configuration Manager Support Website | RSS Feed
Cumulative Update 3 for ConfigMgr 2012 SP2 and ConfigMgr 2012 R2 SP1 is now available - 26-Feb-2016
HOTFIX: Mobile devices aren’t listed in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager - 23-Feb-2016

System Center Data Protection Manager DPM Website | RSS Feed
Backup of Enterprise data made easier with System Center Data Protection Manager - 25-Feb-2016


Remote Desktop Services formerly Terminal Services Website | RSS Feed
Windows MultiPoint Server 2012 updates available - 23-Feb-2016
Staying current with Windows Server updates for Remote Desktop Services (RDS) - 22-Feb-2016

Windows Desktop and Embedded

Kinect for Windows Website | RSS Feed
Kinect helps VR film capture the terrors of war - 22-Feb-2016

Windows Server and Infrastructure

Small Business Server SBS Website | RSS Feed
Survey – Windows Server Essentials Features - 23-Feb-2016

Windows Systems Management

Scripting Hey Scripting Guys Website | RSS Feed
PowerTip: Enable and disable ODBC performance counter settings with PowerShell - 27-Feb-2016
PowerTip: Enable PerfMon counters for ODBC connection pooling with PowerShell - 27-Feb-2016
PowerTip: Use PowerShell to disable constrained delegation - 26-Feb-2016
PowerTip: Use PowerShell to disable all scheduled tasks in folder - 26-Feb-2016
PowerTip: Use PowerShell to disable scheduled task - 25-Feb-2016
PowerTip: Disable plug and play device with PowerShell - 25-Feb-2016
PowerTip: Find DSC resources with PowerShell - 24-Feb-2016
Find DSC resources that are available in the PowerShell Gallery - 24-Feb-2016
Overview of the PowerShell Get module to find scripts - 23-Feb-2016
PowerTip: Find PowerShell modules that are installed by PowerShell Get command - 22-Feb-2016
PowerShell Spotlight: February 2016 - 22-Feb-2016

PowerShell Team Blog Website | RSS Feed
ARM DSC Extension Settings - 26-Feb-2016
The PowerShell Gallery Is Public - 25-Feb-2016
Windows Management Framework (WMF) 5.0 RTM packages has been republished - 24-Feb-2016


Extreme Windows Blog Website | RSS Feed
Windows Store Weekly: 5 new titles to check out this weekend - 26-Feb-2016
Top Gear: Drift Legends now available for Windows 10 - 25-Feb-2016
Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14271 + Mobile Build 14267.1004 - 24-Feb-2016
New Windows 10 Devices Showcased at Mobile World Congress - 22-Feb-2016
Panasonic’s Toughpad FZ-F1Tablet Merges Rugged Design with Ease of Use – for the Toughest of Jobs - 22-Feb-2016
Huawei Announces the HUAWEI MateBook, a 2-in-1 Laptop with Windows 10 - 22-Feb-2016

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